Friday, January 25, 2008

Fabulous Fourness

Four-year-olds are incredible, delightful, creative beings! I am always stumbling upon some sort of imaginary play scene, play dough concoction, or fancy house decor. I often think that I am just cleaning up some random, hodge podge collection of toys and trinkets that have been left in a weird place, but if I look closely I realize there is a lot going on in these little groupings. When I slow down, I get a glimpse into Holland's wonderful, vivid imagination; and when I inquire about things, I get invited to play and observe her magical world of being. There is nothing quite like it.

I have observed stuffed puppy dogs taking an adventurous journey to Hawaii by train as they sit in my saute pans surrounded by coins and ribbons.

I have witnessed stuffed animal nap time, with Purple Puppy and a variety of other stuffies laid out on makeshift pallets throughout the living room. "You have to be quiet, Mommy, Purple Puppy and Boone and are sleeping."

I have been asked to participate in marathon experimental play dough baking and concocting sessions.

I have even been shown hand-drawn medical imaging print-outs of Boone's arteries, with before and after shots of blockages getting cleared. (This was after Grandpa went in for a similar procedure.)

In addition to such an active imagination, many four year olds have a unique sense of fashion that they long to share with the world. Holland is no different! She is very eager to dress herself, and she usually puts together some pretty wacky ensembles. (wacky by my standards, of course). She will come out beaming with pride at the fashion creations she has put together.

"Doesn't this look beautiful, Mommy?", she says.

"Look, these flowers match these stripes because they are both pink".

"I'm gonna wear my princess dress today with my matching princess panties".

"I want to wear the golden one. It is so beautiful."

"Do I look dazzling, Mommy?"

You get the idea!

These ensembles, concoctions, and play scenes are the epitome of fabulous fourness, and I don't want to forget them. I am starting to take pictures of these funny things and put them on my flickr site in a group so that I can look at them and celebrate the wonderful, wacky, magical, and sometimes quirky world of a four year old. Click here to enjoy for yourself or click on the link to the right of this page. Have fun!

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