Sunday, February 3, 2008

Miscellaneous Monday on Sunday night

I am posting this tonight (sunday) because I work all day on Mondays and it is really hard for me to get something posted. I should probably just switch my "miscellaneous monday" to "ten on tuesday" since they are essentially the same thing, and the rest of the blog world does "ten".....

I think I was just trying to be different, but that really doesn't make much sense. Why re-create the wheel, right?

Anyway, here goes.....

1. We went to a super bowl/mardi gras party yesterday, and truly, I could care less about the super bowl. I do love to watch basketball and baseball and especially get into March Madness, but football hasn't ever really done it for me! Anyway, the other wives and I just sat around and chatted all night - I'm sure a similiar scene in homes all across the country!

2. I got creeped out with my flickr account, and I took a couple of pictures off. I had one of Holland with just her panties on with high heels and a tiara. It is an adorable picture, but I felt like it just had too many viewings with no commenting. I can tell by my other pictures and what kind of activity is going on with them that this was a little weird. I just don't want some sicko looking at my sweet, precious daughter. I get totally creeped and pissed off at the same time just thinking about the possibility. Anyone had any issues like this or know of friends who have?

3. We have DVR on our T.V and I went to check our recordings the other day because I wanted to make sure that the season premiere of "Lost" had been recorded, and everything was GONE. It said, "there are no recordings currently available", and 0% space used. We have no idea what happened, but I am furious. We had a ton of stuff recorded on there. Has anyone heard of this happening? Melissa - can you ask Ryan about it?! (he works for comcast).

4. Dylan is going to be observed tomorrow in a pediatric physical therapy class at the University. Jonathan has connections with other faculty and one of the professors asked if we could bring her in so he could show his class what an 8 month old baby is doing physically. I can't wait - I love that sort of thing. Hence the reason I went into a similar field!

5. Jonathan's birthday is in seven days, and I still haven't figured out what I am getting him.

6. Holland is going to go to grandma and grandpa's house this next weekend and spend the night for two nights. She hasn't ever done that before - hopefully, it will all work out. She already has her bagged packed! She packed it a couple of days ago and left it by the front door. Pretty cute!

7. Jonathan is going to stand in line at 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning to see if he can get Gonzaga basketball tickets! He is still an adjunct professor there so we get basketball privledges if you don't mind doing the dirty work for them! (i.e, standing outside in the dark and freezing cold at a god awful hour!)

8. I just realized that I haven't written anything about myself. I really need to work on that! I should try and make a list just about me sometime! Maybe next week...

9. Dylan's first little tooth is poking through, and she learned how to blow rasperries this weekend. Loud ones!

That's all for now! Happy Monday!

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