Saturday, March 15, 2008

Picking My Battles & Embracing Preschool Ensembles

"Fashion Friday"

Okay, here's the story: I decided on this particular Friday morning that I really didn't want to have a full on "battle-of-the-wills-fest" with my four year old. She is very enthusiastic about dressing herself, and she is so proud of the ensembles that she comes up with - complete with a "golden", beaded hair clip for the finishing touches! At a quick glance, this particular ensemble doesn't look as "flavorful" as most of the ones she comes up with. If you look closely though, you will notice the shirt is a summery, long- sleeve shirt with surf boards and glittery Hawaiian flowers, the skirt is corduroy with embroidered hearts, the hair clip is a golden beaded flower that the hair dresser gave to her when she got her hair cut, the shoes are black leather, the tights are polka dotted, and all of the pinks are varying shades! (just didn't quite do it for me). However, how could I dampen that sweet spirit and stifle her fashion creativity? Not to mention trampling all over her self esteem, confidence, and sense of individuality?! (All for the sake of my own pride and embarrassment issues).

I have visited this whole idea of letting her have a little more fashion freedom before, and it is quite a challenge for me. The truth of the matter is though that if you walk into any preschool classroom full of girls, you will find very similar fashion trends. Lots of tights, sparkly hair accessories, mix-matched patterns, anything princess, flowy skirts and dresses, shiny jewelry if they can sneak it in, and if it were allowed - each of their sweet, little heads would be adorned with glittery, jeweled princess tiaras! (the gaudier the better)

I have realized recently that one of my favorite things to do when I drop Holland off for school, is to glance around the room and check out all of the girls and their individual styles. I'm not sure if I am more impressed with their moms who were able to "let go" and allow their daughters to be free, or the daughters themselves who were able to pull off an obscene amount of fashion fauxpas and still manage to look so stinkin' adorable!

I think there are lessons to be learned from both mom and daughter - the main one being "No worries". I want to be that mom who has no worries. I want to be that mom who is able to embrace this fun phase of life (that isn't going to last forever), and just roll with it. I just want to let her open up her drawers and closet and toss each article of clothing on the floor until she finds that perfect piece that she has envisioned completing her outfit! I want her to paint her fashion canvas of life with glittery, sparkly socks, shimmery necklaces and flowery shirts paired with striped pants.
Because that is something I would be too fearful to do. Too fearful to have "no worries".

I'm working on it though..... so for now stay tuned for more "fashion friday" posts, and see how I am taking small steps to have less worries!

Happy Saturday, Friends!


Anonymous said...

As in your bed rest blog, letting go, learning to let go.

In saying that, I have to thank you for that lesson of letting go.

I had to let go of situations that I would have loved to be in control. But situations being that they were, I had to learn to let go.

Thank you for your insights and allowing me to realize I to had to let go.

Keep on blogging.

You are a great writer and inspiration.

Cathy said...

My daughter is 11 and I'm still learning to let go. She comes up with some of the most interesting ensembles... she always says "This is what fifth graders are wearing, Mom!"

Guess I'm out of that loop!

Jill said...

You should send that in to a parenting magazine. So sweet!