Friday, April 4, 2008

At 10 months old

dylan loves:
to smile, to laugh, to giggle
to crawl all over the place
pull herself up, especially in her crib
skirt around the coffee table - (very cautiously)
to squeal uncontrollably with holland
laugh hysterically with holland
to eat big people food - (she is offended by baby food)
attempt to dress herself by putting clothes on her head
empty out and fill up any container
to be chased
to give open mouth kisses, especially on chins
to streeeeetch her socks until they are pulled all the way off
to play with balls
to babble, babble, babble
say "mamamamama" when in distress
to be tickled
to play peek-a-boo
looking in the mirror
to explore all things shiny in holland's room
(actually just to explore all things holland!)
to bang pots and pans from holland's play kitchen
play giddy-up horsey
bounce and swing and be turned upside down
swipe her hands across her tray clearing it completely from any remaining breakfast, lunch, or dinner morsels
scattering DVD containers all across the floor
drinking from a sippy cup or better yet, an open cup
to hear you say "hooray" while you're throwing your hands up in the air
climbing, climbing, climbing
tearing pages out of catalogs
listening to music
to mouth anything that she finds
play in her crib once she wakes up
compose music with her feet on the piano
pump her leg up & down aerobically
bury her head in your chest if she gets excited or shy
to smile, to laugh, to giggle

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of sweet, sweet Dylan. I need to see her, and all of you. I need a Potter fix. Hope to see you soon in Seattle, and then later this month in Spokane. Love Mom/Mimi