Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This Week's Ten.

I am constantly amazed at the range of stuff that comes out of Holland's mouth. Verbal stuff. Thought processes. You know - those four-year-old, random streams of consciousness. Questions. Insights. Etc. I love to jot the things down that she says, and I go through phases of being really, really good about this and then phases of being very, very lame at this. But for this "ten" post, I thought I would share some of her recent ramblings, quotes, and such. Beware- they range from princess obsession to curiosity about resurrection! Here goes....

1. "Mom, did you know that dinosaurs are nice except for the egg stealers and the sharp tooth? The egg stealers are mean because they steal eggs, and the sharp tooth will eat ya."

2. "Mom, I have a problem here....." (usually followed by some sort of dilemma involving a princess figurine who is unable to get her skinny, little arm into her "enchanted ballroom gown").

3. "Mommy, when you die, will you raise from the dead like Jesus did?"

4. "Babies don't get cool princess stuff and they can't have cinnamon either."

5. Then the other day, I was repeating something to Holland over and over again (probably telling her to put something away or to come here so I could comb her hair), and she said very sternly, "Mom, if you say that one more time, I am going to scream to bloody mercers!"

6. "Mommy, I don't ever want you to get sick or die."

7. Grandma, Dylan FINALLY said "ga-ga"! (she has been waiting for Dylan to say "ga-ga" since the day we brought her home from the hospital).

8. The other night at bedtime, she was telling me a story about her friend at school who got his finger closed in the door. I responded, "yeah, I know", and then she said, "did you see it on the news or something?"

9. "Love means that people are friends together, and they love, love, love each other, and God made us love. It means that you love everyone in the whole wide world and that's all."

10. And one of my most favorite things she has said of late....
"Mom, you are the bestest mom that I have ever had in the whole wide world!"

Happy, Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

So sweet. Drew this past weekend while riding in the car said "Dad, do you smell that?" as he took a big sniff in. "It's a beautiful day".


Anonymous said...

I just love the things kids say and the insights they bring. Kids help me stop and "smell the roses"
Brings tears to my eyes hearing of Holland's ponderings. Keep on blogging!