Tuesday, May 6, 2008


1. I am officially a "bloomie"! Jonathan and I ran in "Bloomsday", a 7.5 mile road race in Spokane, this last weekend. We have lived here 8 years and I can't believe that I haven't ever done it (Jonathan has run it 3 times without me). It is a huge race - 50,000 participants. It was so much fun, and I am already ready for next year! I loved seeing how the community comes together on this day - there are individuals, couples, groups, families, corporations, teams, etc. ALL participating at varying levels. There are lots of bands, street musicians, costumes, wigs, matching shirts, and who knows what else all along the way. A total blast!

2. In other bloomie news, Jonathan and I both met our personal goals. He ran about 9.5 minute miles, and I ran about 10.5 minute miles. I'm hoping to better my pace, but I'll take that for now.

3. Dylan has mastered a few new skills - clapping, waving, patty caking, and most recently, as of yesterday, crawling up the stairs! ALL of the stairs. I can't even walk past the stairs with her in my arms without her protesting and reaching for them. She insists on doing it over and over and over!

4. I've done a couple of photo shoots lately for friends and I'm starting to get jazzed. I have so much to learn so I am very appreciative to get to "practice". I have volunteered to put together a calendar of photography of local kids with autism for a charity fundraiser. The proceeds will benefit the Isaac Foundation which is a local non-profit organization that is providing scholarship funds for therapy services for families of children with autism. I am so thrilled to be a part of this. Check out their website here, and if you live here locally and are a family or know of a family that is interested in having a child (with autism) photographed then please leave a comment and I will contact you!

5. One month from tomorrow and we will be heading to Disneyland. Yippee. The countdown has begun.....

6. I forgot to mention earlier that I roped my sister and her husband into running Bloomsday with us. Neither one of them have hardly run a day in their lives except for the weeks leading up to the race. Hopefully, this was the start of a new annual tradition. Good job, guys! I am very proud of you both!

7. Every year on Mother's Day, I have a tradition of getting my picture taken with Holland in the lilac gardens at Manito Park (which is within walking distance of our house). We started this tradition when she was only 6 months old. I can't wait to have both girls in the pictures this year, although the lilacs haven't quite started blooming, yet. Bummer. Bummer. Bummer.

8. I think mine and Dylan's nursing days are coming to an end. I have only been nursing her a couple of times a day anyway, but I was hoping to make it to a year. HOWEVER, the bite-clamp-streeeeetch-twist action isn't quite working for me! Enough said.

9. In case any of you were wondering about the adoption of the "wag more, bark less" philosophy, it is still going wonderfully. I have been trading my barks in left and right for more wags with only a couple of slip ups. Holland is very quick to remind me though so the slip ups that I have had have been very short lived!

10. Off to edit some photos from a photo shoot today. Maybe I'll share some this week if I get permission!

Happy Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed - one - that you are really getting into this running thing. Two - that you have lost so much weight. I looked at the pictures of you with the girls a while back and told your Mom Ashley is really getting thin. Now I see these runnning pics and you must have found the secret to weight loos - you're looking good.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of all my bloomies!! You are really looking good!! I am impressed with your weight loss,and your running!! keep up the good work! You have inspired me! Thanks for reminding me to watch what I put into my mouth. Love Mom