Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Letter to the Birthday Girl

Dear Dylan,

As the end of your first birthday is drawing to a close, I am reveling in your delightful cheerfulness that lingers on, long after you have fallen asleep.

You let me cuddle with you and rock you to sleep this evening which doesn't happen too often (you much prefer daddy's broad shoulders). I thank you for giving me that special time tonight on such a special day. As I was rocking you and holding you close to my heart, I was flooded with emotion as I pondered how precarious our situation was, and how easily we could have lost you. You are such a blessing and a miracle.

Dylan Grace, you are incredible and you have brought such joy to my life. I had no idea that having a second child could enrich my life to the degree that you have. I knew it would be astounding. Miraculous. Life changing. And it has been. And it continues to be - every minute that I experience you. Every minute that I experience your daddy experiencing you, and especially every minute that I experience Holland experiencing you.

I adore you, Dylan Grace.

Sleep well, my sweet baby girl.




Kelli said...

Okay, I'm crying now, that is the sweetest thing. What a wonderful mommy you are Ashley ;-)

Anonymous said...

Holland and Dylan are very blessed to have such wonderful loving parents! Such love!

Thank you for sharing your family!

mary said...

Sweet little Dylan, man has it been a year! We are so blessed to have you as our friends! Thanks D for sharing a birthday with K, as I'll never forget it :)