Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Fairy Garden, In the Works

Holland, Mimi, and I started working on our fairy garden this afternoon. Holland insisted on having snap dragons in her fairy garden so we went on a snapdragon hunt until we finally found some. Holland decorated the fairy garden sign, and hung up a couple of her fairies. We made a little fairy house, and Holland also made a sandy path for the fairies to follow. We are going to add a few more items, but we aren't real sure what those items are, yet. We will know them when we see them - possibly a fairy garden statue, some shiny marbles to line the path, some more hanging fairies or sparkly butterflies, and whatever else suits our fairy fancy!

Any ideas on what else we might need?!


AGW said...

Being the fairy expert that I am, I'll try to come up with some must haves. I'll get back to you.

Katie said...

How about some wind chimes so the fairies can be led to your garden when they get lost?

Anonymous said...

i love the fairy garden.
can we camp there when we visit?
dylan and holland look SO different! when did we see y'all last?