Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Two New Pets

Holland is absolutely tickled with two, new "pets" that she now has. She found them in our backyard, and quickly put them in an appropriate container so she could keep them. She gave them each a name: "Diddle-Lina", and "Pupcake"!

"What are they?", you ask.

Roly Polies!

After a quick suggestion from mom, she put some dirt, leaves, and a flower (her own idea) into their new home so they would be comfortable.

And guess what? I know you won't even believe it, but they both can do tricks! They can each roll up into a tiny, little ball! How cute is that! I saw them do it countless times - (pretty much every time Holland tried to pick them up and show them off)!

And the best part of this whole story is that Holland told me, "I don't even need a dog now, Mommy!"

Here they are in their cozy, Tupperware home!
(click on picture to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your new editions to your family!
Glad Holland enjoys her new pets.

No dog, hmm, how lucky can you be!
I was wondering when this Summer the new dog would join the family.

Anonymous said...

Pick me!

Jill said...

oh those are beautiful pill bugs. Their names fit them perfectly. :)

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