Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our New Adventure

So, we took the plunge today, and we are officially the proud owners of a nine week old puppy! He is an English Pointer/Chocolate Lab Mix and cute as ever. He has mostly blackish brown fur with a white chest, white paws, and a white nose with a couple of freckles. He came from a house full of children, and one of them temporarily named him "freckles".

Cute, huh?

That's just it though - it's cute.

Too cute, actually.

Jonathan and I both agree that we need to re-name him, but we are going to have to "sell" the idea to Holland, and we're not too sure how we're gonna do that. We are open to suggestions!

Here are his first photos.....

Let the adventure begin!


Anonymous said... did not!??? i'm so proud of you. hopefully you will love having a dog. we do but you already know that. he(or she) is very cute. can't wait to hear the story of how that happened....t

Ursula said...

Hmm--Part Chocolate Lab+Potter obsession with chocolate=CHOCOLATE
Holland and Dylan must be in heaven!
Good for you and good luck!

mary said...

ooh I second the name Hershey! Congratulations on the big step in suburban family life! He's adorable :) We took Oscar to the Ruff House in N.Spokane and it worked out really well.

Anonymous said...

Hershey Bailey Potter

AGW said...

I need to come an visit that little puppy, SOON. Or ya'll should come out here! He's adorable :)