Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boden Chews up Everything

We are on our first official family trip with Boden in tow. He is a pretty good traveler so far, however I keep forgetting about the chewing up factor. We have had a few casualties on this trip, and I feel like after the first casualty, I have been pretty proactive. Obviously, that's not the case! As to date, here's our running list:

1 pair of Ashley's sunglasses
1 Creating Keepsakes magazine
3 colored pencils
1 of Holland's headbands
1 piece of plastic that covers some nuts and bolts in our car
1 sheet of stickers
3 or 4 smiley face stickers from that sheet
1/2 of an abandoned donut
part of a plastic grill cover at a friend's house

and he started to nibble on a pair of the wireless headphones that go to our car DVD player - that would have been big trouble for him! I'm so glad I noticed those when I did.

I think that is all for now. Hopefully, there won't be any additions!

Oh! the joys of dog ownership!

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Anonymous said...

If you do not already, I would suggest getting him a Kong. For heavy chew-ers get the black one. You can fill the Kong with treats or peanut butter.

My dogs love the Kong. One dog uses it to de-stress even when there is no treat inside.