Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The barrier that Jonathan has built.... and rebuilt...... and rebuilt.
Apparently, there's just no use. Boden is victorious every time!


Anonymous said...

Boden 1
Humans 0

Yeah Boden!

Anonymous said...

Dang dogs. Our dog is doing the samething. Plus, she won't come when we call her... What a brat. So, were thinking about getting one of those invisable fences. She wears the collar and you set up the boundaries, and if they cross them. Zappo. If that doesn't work, maybe we'll have to send her to boarding school for 6 months. She's more work that my kids. Maybe she just needs another companion too. Or, therapy. Dog whisper' where are you?? Jen

mary said...

We have lots of friends who use the "invisible fence" I guess it works pretty well....when are we going to get together?? This is killing me!