Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Year's Highlights

Rang in the new year in Oceanside, California
Visited Disneyland, Legoland, San Diego Zoo, & Safari Park
Ballet lessons for Holland
Art classes at Corbin Art Center
Attended lots of Zags games
Volunteered time for the "Taste of Hope" charity event
Went on a date to the Todd Snider concert
Celebrated Easter at the Abbey
Holland became a member of the "no cavity" club
Dylan sits up for the first time
Dylan crawls
Took girls to the circus
Celebrated our 9th anniversary
Took multiple trips to Seattle
Attended Gabrielles's graduation
Took a family trip to Disney
Saw High School Musical Live
Dylan took first steps
Dylan said first words and hasn't stopped talking since
Ran in Bloomsday with Carmen & Rick
Took Salsa dancing lessons
Attended Chanda's wedding
Holland sang a solo at a music performance
Saw Beauty & the Beast Live
Celebrated Dylan's first birthday
Jonathan hosted a Bob Dylan birthday show on the radio
Started autism photo shoots
Ran in the Cherry Pit Trot with friend, Mary
Holland started playing soccer
Got a new dog
Went to Johnny Lang concert on Silver Mtn.
Girls took swimming lessons
Planted a fairy garden with Holland
Trained for 36 hour relay race
Ran in Spokane to Sandpoint 190 mile relay
Volunteered time for Isaac Foundation Golf Tournament
Hosted summer outdoor movies
Went to Guemes Island for a getaway
Met our new niece, Teigan Jean
Ran Iron Girl Race in Seattle (with an injury)
Started Ashley Potter Photography
Flew to Italy for a wedding (sans kids!)
The girls stayed with grandma and granpa for a week
Attended the Essencia Bakery's Grand Re-opening
Got a fancy new camera lens
Saw Peter Pan Live
Saw Alice and Wonderland
Dylan learned how to do "fancy feet"
Bought Season tickets to the Children's Theatre
Produced "2008 Faces of Hope" calendar
Celebrated Holland's 5th birthday
Went to Seattle for Thanksgiving
Cancelled our trip to Chattanooga
Opened up a facebook account
Made Gingerbread houses at the Davenport,
and watched Gingerbread house contest
Went to Madeline's Christmas
Celebrated Christmas with mom and Westcotts
Went sledding on sled that Grandpa built
Fell asleep after the ball dropped in NYC
Bye, Bye 2008 - You were a good year!


Anonymous said...

A Fancy new lens. I am jealous. What did you get? I am dreaming of a canon Wide angle lens that's $1,000. More than what my camera is worth. Guess I better get a job, eh!! Jen

Ashley said...

Hey Jen,

I bought the canon 24-70mm 2.8. It is a great versatile lens, and does wonders for family photo shoots. It cost more than my camera is worth, but it's the lenses that REALLY make the photos (apart from the photographer, of course!). I have pretty much already paid it off with all the shoots I've been doing! : ) I'm gonna have to contribute to our household finances pretty soon though so I thought I'd better go ahead and make the purchase while I still could!!