Friday, February 27, 2009

Faces of Hope Exhibit

I have been letting the 'ole blog slip by the wayside these last few weeks, but I think it has been for good reasons. I have had a ton going on, but one of the main things I've been doing is preparing for my first ever photography exhibit.(gasp)

I had all of the photographs from the "faces of hope" calendar made into 20 x 24 gallery wrapped canvases so that we could intersperse them with facts about autism and make them into an exhibit. The Isaac Foundation is sponsoring the exhibit to help get their name out there more, but mainly to help increase public awareness about autism and it's ever increasing prevalence. Our hope is to have them on display through out all of Spokane for the remainder of the year. So far, we have them booked through July and are just waiting to hear back from a few other places for confirmation.

Today was the day that I put them on display. They are making their debut exhibition at the Community Building downtown, which is a building that hosts all non-profit organizations, and it is also the building that houses Holland's preschool. It is a gorgeous old building that has been restored and it gets quite a bit of foot traffic. While I was setting up today, at least 5 people stopped and commented on the photos, and then inquired about autism. I was kinda shocked at some of the questions that were asked, but it was neat to be able to answer them and know that this is going to reach a lot of people who seriously have no idea about the facts about autism and just how many people are affected by it.

I left there feeling good. It makes me very happy to know that my photographs can be such an integral part of increasing awareness to our community.

We are going to host an open house in April for Autism Awareness month so I will keep you local blog readers posted of all the details so maybe you can join me in this journey of spreading the word!

Until then, here are a few "sneak peeks":


Anonymous said...

How Awesome Ashley. This is so great. They look wonderful and I can't wait to tell people about the exhibits. Jen

Ursula said...

Beyond cool!!

Katie said...

This is AWESOME. You are so talented, creative, and are doing a great service for the community with this. I am also amazed at how little the public actually knows about the disorder, so what a great way to answer some questions. And those photos are amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see them on canvas.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you didn't forget to put your name on this exhibit Ashley. You certainly deserve the publicity. Great work!