Sunday, June 27, 2010

watermelon pops, a moth's tombstone, and eyeball stew!

There is never a dull moment around here, I tell ya! Just when I think the creativity can't get anymore creative, one of my girls comes up with something that just blows me away! Last night, together they brought me a "mommy and me cookbook" that had some yummy homemade popsicle pictures in it with a quick and easy recipe ~ so I promised them we could make them. Well, first thing this morning they wanted them for breakfast, but somehow I managed to redirect them and hold them off until after mass. (whew!)

As we were making them, they both wanted to fill the popsicle molds with different liquids. I allowed them to try apple juice, coke zero, water with a squeeze of lime, and our watermelon mixture. I drew the line at caramel syrup and beer. (they didn't want to put them together, however, I still had to draw the line somewhere or we would have run out of molds before we got to putting in our homemade stuff!) Maybe I should have suggested the caramel and beer combo and maybe it would have been a hit and then maybe we would have needed to market them and then maybe we would have become local popsicle celebs. hmmmm. Crazier things have happened, right?!

Anyway, this isn't the creative part of my post.... it's still to come, after these quick photos......

The next thing to report is that we have an official resident bug rescuer in our house this summer, and Holland is her name-o! She does come complete with a little sidekick-bug-rescuer-wannabe-helper so I can't complain because now I don't have to be the assistant! Anyway, in just this last week, she rescued a moth with a broken wing, captured a caterpillar at audobon park, dug around in the mud for a couple of roly polies, and then today she caught a dragonfly bare handed!

As she was nursing the moth back to health, it somehow took a turn for the worse (i.e., got squished) and died. She insisted on a funeral, and she made all the arrangements herself! She buried "frisy" (pronounced "frizzy") the moth in a play pie tin covered with sand with a rock headstone that she decorated all on her own! Here..... see for yourself:

Cute, huh? (and quite creative, too ~ remember that was one of the main points of this ridiculously long post)

Well, since we are speaking of creative, I saved the best for last...... EYEBALL STEW....... (and I don't really have anything to add to that - it kinda speaks for itself!)

And to think I have missed a whole year of this sort of thing by not blogging. : (

I'm back though so stay tuned for more ashmash tales to come!


Anonymous said...

May I borrow the idea of eyeball stew for a clown walk about? That is awesome!

Sorry about Frisy!


Ashley said...

go for it, mahi! holland would be tickled that her idea was used! : )

mary said...

So happy you are back!