Sunday, August 17, 2008

Here I am, In ALL My Fairy Glory

runner 10
"costume contest"
fairy costume
4.0 miles for this first leg
streets of spokane
one intersection after another
not another runner in sight
strange looks from drivers
stranger looks from pedestrians i had to pass
construction site - breathing in dust and freshly poured asphalt
onward through the public park
still in fairy costume
ran past a wedding ceremony (hee hee)
still no other runners in site
103 degree weather
no shade, black asphalt trail
scorchin' heat
not enough water
looking for my family to cheer me on
family at starbucks getting a snack
feeling bummed
wondering if there were really other costumes out there
wondering if my family was ever going to show up
wondering how much longer i had to run

wondering: what was i thinking??

seriously, it was a fun, fun race, and i am so glad that i did it.
however, I am way too tired to write a full report at this time!
more to follow....

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