Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snow Storm 08!

It has been snowing nonstop since last Thursday here in Spokalou, and we are buried! Apparently, we broke a record for the most snowfall we've ever had in a 24 hour period, and that was about 19 inches or so. And it has been snowing ever since! I'm not sure what the total accumulation is at our house right now, but I know that when I step into it, it comes up to my thighs. Seeing how I am from Tennessee and all, this is quite an experience for me! Every year, I learn knew things (or I am reminded of things that I forgot) about living in a snowy winter wonderland. Here are a few of the things that I have learned this year:

1.I learned the term "high center". I had never heard that before, even after living here for 8 winters. Last year, I learned what a snow berm was.

2. Kids need water proof gloves in order to play in the snow! I forget this every year when I am buying gear for the season, and then inevitably Holland freezes her hands off when she goes out for the first time!

3. Pushing a grocery buggy (that means cart for you non-southerners) is NOT easy in a parking lot full of snowy, icey chunks and ruts.

4. All Wheel Drive is the only way to get around town. Thank goodness for ours!

5. Cute boots don't always mean warm boots!

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