Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ashley's New Blog!

Hello! My name is Ashley and I live in Washington State with my husband and two daughters. I work as a pediatric speech therapist and enjoy wine, cooking, entertaining, scrapbooking, and photography. My husband and I got married in Italy in 1999 and we’re hoping to go back there for our tenth anniversary in 2009. I started a blog called Bedrest Boutique while on extended bed rest prior to the birth of our second daughter in 2007. I was on bedrest for five months and hospitalized for half of that, so blogging turned out to be a great way to preserve my sanity and communicate with friends and family. The miracle girl was born in June, at full term and totally healthy–beyond anyone’s expectation. I had good intentions of maintaining Bedrest Boutique beyond the bed rest, but … well, with a new baby and a three (now four) year old to keep up with, the blog went by the wayside. I also refocused my energy on training for a half marathon, which I ran in October. Now, a few months later, I think I’m ready to give the blogosphere another go!


Anonymous said...

Ashley -
My name is Mary and I am writing from my hospital bed in Pennsylvania. I am going on my 102nd day of hospital bed rest. I stumbled into your Bedrest Beauties Blog page, and I just wanted to thank you for your efforts. Reading your blog doesn't make me feel all alone in this journey. I hope to get out of my "hotel" by the end of this month. What I was reading sounds as if you were blogging my days here. Very similar. Just wanted to comment back to you, and thank your for your efforts. It really helps to read your blog.
Mary Walker

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,

I too have just read you bedrest blog. Yup you guessed it I have been on bedrest the last 3 weeks ( went in at 27 weeks.) Hospital for 8 days. On bedrest at home and happy to be at 30 weeks still cookin. Your blog is great! I love that you pulled a half marathon only 4 months after, how was that? I have already lost 5 lbs and now it is all muscle mass! I am terrified i will not be able to pick up my 16 month after this is all over!!!! ( As you said in your blog it is one of the things I miss most too!)
How did you get back in shape after bedrest???? What was it like? I am shocked at how winded get already. Anyway if you can let me know in your blog. Congrats on your beautiful family!

Ashley said...

Hi Maria,

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I am sorry to hear that you, too, have a "bedrest sentence". It is such a long journey, but it seriously is just a blip when it is all said and done. I was soooo out of shape - i was getting out of breath when I read my daughter a bedtime story. It was kinda scary. Anyway, the training for the 1/2 marathon was a bit brutal at first - I had gained a quite a bit of weight - but it ended up being fine. I only trained for 10 weeks and was able to complete the whole thing and actually ran the whole way. If I can do it in that shape, I swear just about anyone can do it! : )

I wish you the best of luck with your remaining weeks! Congrats on making it to 30! Feel free to email me anytime - ashleypotter.slp@gmail.com

I know how LONG and BORING those days can be.

Take Care!