Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I was tagged twice on facebook to write 25 random things about myself, so I thought I might as well share it here, too!

1. I was born in Key West, Florida (the Conch Republic), and that means I'm a "conch".

2. I wanted to be a garbage man when I was little! I use to sit and watch the garbage man out the window! I also wanted to be a piano (so I've been told).

3. I jumped out of an airplane at 15,000 feet!

4. I was accepted into the Peace Corps in 1998, but got engaged a few months later.

5. I love to cook and entertain, and I throw a kick-ass Mardi Gras Party.

6. I don't know how to use saran wrap. (It never sticks for me).

7. I recently started my own photography business.

8. I like to tuck my socks between my toes.

9. My spices are alphabetized.

10. My husband and I fell out of a canoe at our wedding reception in Lake Union in Seattle, WA.

11. Mustard makes me dry heave.

12. I got married in Italy by Father Don Giovanni!

13. I miss Cracker Barrel.

4. I had a dog named "super dog" when I was little.

15. My husband re-wrote the words to "Brown-Eyed Girl" for my 30th birthday.

16. On a volunteer trip to Mexico, I drank tequila with some nuns who ran an orphanage.

17. I realized not too long ago that I don't have enough "beach" in my life, and I hope to change that.

18. I have driven across the country, coast to coast, three times. Once with my girlfriend, Michele, and we flipped a coin each time we came to an intersection to decide which way to go. Once with my girlfriend, Heather, and we started out in Chattanooga and decided to take a little detour to Boston, before heading to Seattle! And lastly, I drove 12,000 miles with my husband on a 4 month road trip in a Subaru Loyale, shorty after we were married. I would like to do it again sometime - either on the back of a harley or in an RV! (probably an RV, now that I'm a mom!)

19. I collect two dollar bills.

20. I can't dance.

21. I ran my first 1/2 marathon last year, and I am going to be training for another one this spring. (assuming my heal injury of 6 months goes away).

22. My favorite city is New Orleans.

23. Jonathan serenaded me on the beach in Italy while were on our honeymoon with a guitar borrowed from a beach bum!

24. I am extremely competitive and have a hard time with "family fun game night". : )

25. I have a tatoo.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Look Who's Waiting Today!

see the original waiting /5:00 p.m post here

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Daily Dancing 2

I introduced Holland to a new song this week -
"Dancing Queen" by Abba!
You probably could have guessed that she LOVES it!
(and Dylan LOVES anything Holland LOVES!)

click here for "daily dancing" pic.

Tonight's "Bedtime Business"

Each night, Jonathan and I switch off girls during "bedtime business". (We actually borrowed that term from Blues Clues, in case you are wondering!) Anyway, tonight was my night to put Holland to sleep as Jonathan put Dylan to sleep.

We have a routine that goes something like this: pajamas, warm milk, brush teeth, night-light on, read book, night-light out, cuddle.

Usually during the cuddle time, I set the timer on my sports watch, and then I leave the room once the timer has gone off (I think the timer is more for me than Holland, because inevitably, if I don't turn the timer on, I find myself asleep in her bed hours later!) So, tonight was just like any other ordinary night. I intially set the timer for 5 minutes. The timer beeped, and Holland held me tight,and asked me to stay for a few more minutes. I re-set my timer for 3 more minutes, and started to rub her back. Three minutes passed and the timer beeped again, and once again, she groggily asked me to stay. I knew she was about to be "out", so I stayed for my last 3 minutes. This time when the timer went off, it actually startled me, and I think it startled Holland as well. She slowly rolled over. She was visibly in a "on-the-verge-of-falling-asleep-dazed-state" when she muffled,

"Mommy, that timer took my thoughts away, and I was thinking about something wonderful".

"Oh! I'm sorry, sweetie. What were you thinking?"

"I'm not telling", she replied (almost whispering), as she nestled herself back into her pillow and bunched up blankie.

"Okay, sweet girl. You don't have to tell me - I hope you get your thoughts back though, and have sweet dreams!"

"Night-Night. I love you."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

5:00 p.m

Watching for Dad to Come Home

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday Kisses for Mommy

Making A Wish

The Perfect Birthday - the Short Version

Special Breakfast
Serenity Room
Hot Tea
Peacock Lounge
Make -up application
Gozaga game

A Perfect Birthday - the Long Version

Woke up - Holland wanted to give me Birthday spankings right away
Went downstairs and had a flower shaped pancake with a candle in it waiting for me
Holland helped me blow out the candle
Checked my email and had a ton of Facebook birthday messages
Got a birthday phone call from my mom
Went the the Davenport Hotel (a very old and famous (refurbished) hotel in Spokane)
Valet Parked
Got myself a Chai Tea
Went downstairs to the Spa Paradiso
Had my hair colored and styled
Waited in the "Serenity Room", sat next to the fire with a glass of cucumber water
Flipped through a magazine
My Estetetician came and got me for my eyebrow wax
Relaxed on a massage type table as she waxed my eyebrows
Left the Spa as I had over an hour to wait for my massage
Walked to River Park Square
Tried on a couple of shirts and bought them
Scheduled a make-up application at Nordstrom
Walked back to the Davenport
Sat at the bar at the beautiful Peacock Lounge
Ordered a Mojito and Cougar Gold Cheese Dip
Answered and received a couple of birthday text messages from two of my girlfriends
Went back to the Spa Paradiso for my massage
Changed into my plush robe and slippers
Went back into the "Serenity Room"
Made a cup of peppermint hot tea
Read an article or two in a magazine
Was escorted to my Massage room
Candles, Enya playing, Aromatherapy, Lavender Massage Lotion
Fell into a deep state of complete and utter relaxation
Walked back into the ladie's lounge and got dressed
Retrieved my car from the Valet
Drove back to River Park Square
Had my make-up done by a wonderful make-up gal
Looked at my self in the mirror - smiled!
Drove home
Opened up cards and presents
Holland bought me 3 pieces of jewelry from Claire's
Tried on my new earrings
Checked my email and once again had a ton of birthday messages on Facebook
Had Jonathan shoot a mini photo shoot with me and the girls
Got Dressed for my date with Jonathan
Went the the Gonzaga/Portland game (Zags won!)
Drove to the Melting Pot Fondue Restaurant
Sat at the bar with Jonathan and had a cocktail
We were escorted to our table
A Rose was waiting for me in a vase
Ordered some wine
Ordered our fondue courses
Drank some wine
Cooked our fondue courses
Got too full for chocolate fondue
Corked up the rest of our wine
Drove home
Listened to a couple of birthday phone messages
Checked my email and had more facebook birthday messages
Thanked Jonathan for a wonderful day
Retreated to bed

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The barrier that Jonathan has built.... and rebuilt...... and rebuilt.
Apparently, there's just no use. Boden is victorious every time!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Woke up to big, fluffy snowflakes this morning and watched them to turn to big, slushy, wet flakes as the day progressed. Our record breaking snow if now going to be record breaking flooding. I drove around a little bit today, and there is already standing water all over the streets. It's suppose to be 40 degrees tomorrow. I think I'll get out the raft!

2. I set up a new blog for Holland today. She is such a prolific artist so I thought she could use her own space to showcase her work. I was considering have "stirrings in the studio" be a regular post here on ashmash, but instead you can find her art here. I am working on putting some of her previous work on there so you may check back periodically to see how far she's come in her artistic skills.

3. Dylan is talking up a storm these days! She is starting to put two words together, and she is in that phase where her vocabulary grows each day by about 15-20 new words. This is my absolute most favorite age for language acquisition (excuse the speech pathology terminology!). She has quite the vocabulary, too. Words like: peacock, mermaid, mustard, unicorn, pajamas, sweater, lie down, etc. Did I mention "mine" and "no-no"? Those are two very BIG favorites!

4. We were having trouble keeping Boden in our yard so we sent him away for a week! We hope he got some good social play time as we got our backyard set up with barracades and a new "doggy trolley" - a 60 foot leash line to roam the yard with - or to swim in our yard with, as the case may soon be!)

5. ffffffxxz vb yq46mmm g,ommuhjcx b\\vvxfsm/8n That is a message from Dylan. She is sitting on my lap as I am typing this post. She doesn't like it when I work on the computer usually, and she will grab my hand if I reach for the mouse, and she'll say "no,no", "mommy, up".

6. Jonathan got up at 4:30 on Monday morning and went to Gonzaga to get faculty tickets for this Saturday's game. It's my birthday, and we actually have a date planned so I am super excited about it. I am spending the morning at the spa for a massage, and a couple other services! Yay for me, and yay for my husband for giving me the gift certificate for Christmas. Thanks, babe!

7. I am having a difficult time getting back into the mindset of getting back into shape. I have been so discouraged since my heal injury (that isn't going away), that I am just sitting around doing absolutely nothing. I want to run Bloomsday, another 1/2 marathon, and a few more 5 or 10ks this spring, summer, and fall. I just need to figure out the motivation thing. Anyone with ideas on how to beat the winter/couch potato/computer junkie/slushy belly blues?

8. Our good friends, Scott and Jami, had their first baby this last weekend, and her name is Addison Mae (how sweet is that?). I went to the hospital to meet her, and she is absolutely gorgeous! I don't get baby fever very often, but when I do, it's usually the brand spankin' newbies that get me, and boy did she! I just didn't want to put her down, and I had to make myself leave! Congratulations, Scott and Jami! She is beautiful! I can't wait to see her again, and next time it will be with my camera in hand!

9. Just got quickbooks for my business. I have NO idea what to do with it! I need to file some sort of quarterlys at the end of the month. Yikes. Don't know what that means! I guess I better study up!

10. I started this entry earlier today and had to stop writing so we could go pick Boden up. We brought him home, and we stuck him in the backyard to see if Jonathan's rebuilt barricade would do the job this time (before hooking him up to the "dog trolley"), and guess what? Not a chance. He was out in no time! He's a smarty, I tell ya!

Happy (late) Tuesday, Friends!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stirrings From the Studio 2

"flower on scrap"
by holland
medium: fine point marker

"pink skeleton"
by holland
medium: magic marker

by holland
medium: tempura paint


"sisters in the studio"
by jonathan
medium: paint in the plastic jars, whatever they are

the big christmas surprise

stirrings from the studio

Saturday, January 3, 2009

See Jon Sled

This is the sled run that Jonathan built in our front yard for Holland and her neighborhood buddy, Aiden.

He's just "testing" it out...... AGAIN!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Daily Dancing

This is a scene that you can pretty much be guaranteed to see (or participate in, depending on what you level you choose to be involved) on any given day in the Potter home! Holland is dancing through out the house, and Dylan is ever so intently watching her fanciful moves. It's all in the footwork, you know!
I bet you can just imagine what happens next.....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Year's Highlights

Rang in the new year in Oceanside, California
Visited Disneyland, Legoland, San Diego Zoo, & Safari Park
Ballet lessons for Holland
Art classes at Corbin Art Center
Attended lots of Zags games
Volunteered time for the "Taste of Hope" charity event
Went on a date to the Todd Snider concert
Celebrated Easter at the Abbey
Holland became a member of the "no cavity" club
Dylan sits up for the first time
Dylan crawls
Took girls to the circus
Celebrated our 9th anniversary
Took multiple trips to Seattle
Attended Gabrielles's graduation
Took a family trip to Disney
Saw High School Musical Live
Dylan took first steps
Dylan said first words and hasn't stopped talking since
Ran in Bloomsday with Carmen & Rick
Took Salsa dancing lessons
Attended Chanda's wedding
Holland sang a solo at a music performance
Saw Beauty & the Beast Live
Celebrated Dylan's first birthday
Jonathan hosted a Bob Dylan birthday show on the radio
Started autism photo shoots
Ran in the Cherry Pit Trot with friend, Mary
Holland started playing soccer
Got a new dog
Went to Johnny Lang concert on Silver Mtn.
Girls took swimming lessons
Planted a fairy garden with Holland
Trained for 36 hour relay race
Ran in Spokane to Sandpoint 190 mile relay
Volunteered time for Isaac Foundation Golf Tournament
Hosted summer outdoor movies
Went to Guemes Island for a getaway
Met our new niece, Teigan Jean
Ran Iron Girl Race in Seattle (with an injury)
Started Ashley Potter Photography
Flew to Italy for a wedding (sans kids!)
The girls stayed with grandma and granpa for a week
Attended the Essencia Bakery's Grand Re-opening
Got a fancy new camera lens
Saw Peter Pan Live
Saw Alice and Wonderland
Dylan learned how to do "fancy feet"
Bought Season tickets to the Children's Theatre
Produced "2008 Faces of Hope" calendar
Celebrated Holland's 5th birthday
Went to Seattle for Thanksgiving
Cancelled our trip to Chattanooga
Opened up a facebook account
Made Gingerbread houses at the Davenport,
and watched Gingerbread house contest
Went to Madeline's Christmas
Celebrated Christmas with mom and Westcotts
Went sledding on sled that Grandpa built
Fell asleep after the ball dropped in NYC
Bye, Bye 2008 - You were a good year!