Thursday, July 31, 2008

And, She's Off.....

she swaggers
she totters
she stumbles
she wobbles
she wavers
she tumbles
she walks!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mommy Bedtime Playlist

Something I want to rememer....

Jonathan and I alternate girls each night during bedtime business. While I am putting one down, he is putting the other down. And then the next night, we switch. When it is my turn to put Dylan down, we have a little bedtime routine. I make her a bottle, grab her soft and cuddly blankie, and rock her in the rocking chair. While I am rocking her, I sing to her, and I have realized that I have a little "playlist" that I sing each time. I don't stray from it. It's the same songs in the same order, every time.

1. I love you, Dylan
2. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
3. Tell me Why
4. Great Big Star
5. ABC song
6. The Earth is Our Mother

By the time I get to the last song, she is pretty heavy lidded, and usually asleep. Occasionally, I will go back through my playlist a second time, but not very often.

Tonight was my turn with Dylan, and she didn't even make it all the way through the playlist because she was so incredibly tired! That may have been a first!

As far as my Holland routine goes, it is pretty much the same each time, too. She gets on pajamas, brushes her teeth, and picks out a book. We have been reading a variety of different chapter books to her, so if we are in the middle of a chapter book then that is the one she will pick. I will read her a chapter of our book, a fairytale from our fairytale anthology, or an all together different story book- whatever she is in the mood for on that particular night. After I read to her, I set the kitchen timer for a certain amount of minutes for "cuddles", then when the timer goes off, I leave her to venture into dream land on her own. I usually tell her to have "sweet dreams", and then I also tell her "night-night sleep tight, don't let the bed-bugs bite". In which one of us will continue it by saying, "don't YOU let them bite" and then we act like we are taking a big bite out of each other (complete with bed bug bite sound effects).

Then we laugh hysterically.

A great way to end the day! : )

Testing Out the Window Light

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Fairy Garden, In the Works

Holland, Mimi, and I started working on our fairy garden this afternoon. Holland insisted on having snap dragons in her fairy garden so we went on a snapdragon hunt until we finally found some. Holland decorated the fairy garden sign, and hung up a couple of her fairies. We made a little fairy house, and Holland also made a sandy path for the fairies to follow. We are going to add a few more items, but we aren't real sure what those items are, yet. We will know them when we see them - possibly a fairy garden statue, some shiny marbles to line the path, some more hanging fairies or sparkly butterflies, and whatever else suits our fairy fancy!

Any ideas on what else we might need?!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This Tuesday's "Ten".

1. Our new addition to the family has been quite successful so far. Both girls just go nuts whenever they are around him. The only real problem we have been having is that he thinks Dylan is one of his littermates. He wants to roll around on the ground with her and paw her and snip at her. Other than that, he is pretty mellow as far as puppies go. He likes to sleep a lot. He found this little area under our back steps, and has claimed it for his humble abode. It's actually a perfect spot for him, and how we don't need a doghouse!

2. We have had a super busy last week or two. It seems like we have been going nonstop, and our summer is just zipping by. We went to Kennewick, Wenatchee, Lake Chelan, Silver Mountain, and back home again over the course of 4 days! For those non-Washatonians, that's a lot of driving! We had a ton of fun at each visit - wish we could do more driving and visiting all summer long!

3. On Thursday, my friend Mary and her son Koren, came over from Wenatchee and we all participated in the Cherry Pickers Trot and Pit Spit. This is an annual event that I have always wanted to do with the idea of making a family tradition out of it. They host a "Tot Trot" for kids 5 and under and they each receive a ribbon at the finish line. I love the idea of introducing Holland to fun family events that includes good physical activity - like running! The course was a pretty hard little course -four hilly miles through the orchards and countryside. Good job, Mary!

4. The following morning, my same friend, Mary did a family photo shoot for us out in Jonathan's grandma's wheat fields, near Spangle, Washington. It was so much fun. You can click here to see some of our shots. I can't wait to blow some of them up and hang them on our walls!

5. My crazy relay race is coming right up, and I am still stressing out about it. So much that I had a dream about it last night. I dreamt that I went to the place where the race was to have a meeting with my team, and it turned out to be the actual race instead. I had the dates wrong in my calendar! I was not prepared at all. I didn't even have running clothes. I didn't have my change of clothes for each legs I am to run. I forgot my costume that I was suppose to wear, and I had my stroller with my purse and camera in it. No kids though - just the stroller. All of my teammates were there and they were very familiar with the course because they had been training on it. I was in tears, but the gun went off and I had to run - prepared or not!

6. Little Miss Dylan is starting to stand up by herself and take a few independent steps. (FINALLY). This only happens though when she is totally unaware of what she is doing! As soon as she looks around and figures out what just happened, she drops to all fours! I am thinking any, any day now!

7. Holland is very into sounding out words and writing them down. She will often label her pictures with the names of the objects. She is actually pretty good at it. Be on the lookout for some uploaded examples, and a funny story of her writing the f-word. (yikes)

8. Dylan is at that stage that if you say "no-no" to her, she will immediately stick out that bottom lip, make it quiver, and then she bursts into tears as if you just did the most terrible thing in the whole world!

9. Holland, my mom, and I are going to put a little fairy garden in our yard today. We have been going on walks each night with our doggie, and one of our neighbors has a fairy garden in their front yard. It is so cute. We'll share our pictures when we finish it.

10. My mom is here for about 4-5 weeks this summer. She is house sitting for a friend of ours. She just came over for coffee, and I have been ignoring her while I post this so I better go for now. Thank goodness I made it to ten!

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Doggy Name Game


And the winner is..... "Boden" or "Bodie" for short!

(can you guess which names Holland came up with?!)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our New Adventure

So, we took the plunge today, and we are officially the proud owners of a nine week old puppy! He is an English Pointer/Chocolate Lab Mix and cute as ever. He has mostly blackish brown fur with a white chest, white paws, and a white nose with a couple of freckles. He came from a house full of children, and one of them temporarily named him "freckles".

Cute, huh?

That's just it though - it's cute.

Too cute, actually.

Jonathan and I both agree that we need to re-name him, but we are going to have to "sell" the idea to Holland, and we're not too sure how we're gonna do that. We are open to suggestions!

Here are his first photos.....

Let the adventure begin!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Haven't Posted One of These in a While.....

(because neither girl will ever sit still long enough)
I didn't even try to push my luck and get them both to look at the camera!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


1. For those of you who are dying to know what the purchase was that got Jonathan into trouble...... it was indeed blinking shoes. But not just any blinking shoes, they are Tinkerbell blinking shoes. He also threw in some princess hair accessories (another forbidden item). The plot thickened though as I learned of the details surrounding the event. Come to find out, the reason they were even looking at shoes is because Holland had failed to put shoes on when they headed out the door. He didn't even notice she was wearing her high heeled glass slippers when he buckled her into her carseat. So, I'm not so sure that walking around the store in her glass slippers would have been so bad. At least not as bad as coming home with blinking light princess shoes!

2. Seriously though, for those of you who are now thinking I am a total snotty B*@#% - I'm not. I am slightly annoyed, and I can't wait until she grows out of them, but that's truly about the extent of it! : )

3. My big 190 mile team relay race is coming right up, and I am starting to freak out. I am discovering that I am not that good at training by myself. I really need a team and a coach to encourage, motivate, and inspire me. I will be running three legs of the race totally 15.5 miles over a 36 hour time frame. I was online reading last night about these races, and I should be training as if I am running another 1/2 marathon. I am not even close to being at that stage of my training so I really have to step it up these next few weeks. YIKES. Wish me luck!

4. Keeping on that same subject (the relay race), I received an email last night from the race administrators, and there have been a few changes. My first leg is now the "best costume" leg. Lucky me! Seriously, I think I can totally get into this, but I'm just not sure what kind of costume will lend itself to running, sweating, and of course winning! Any ideas?

5. I had my first newborn photo shoot the other day, and it was a lot of fun. However, I was a little discouraged though because the pictures didn't come out quite as good as I wanted them to. I had rented a lens from a local camera shop, and I wasn't use to it so I think that played a big part in my focus, exposures, etc. It was only practice so that's good. I just have to keep on practicing!

6. My online photography class has come to an end, and I am so sad. It was such an incredible class. It left me wanting more. The critiques were my favorite part. I would really love to find a photography mentor. Someone who could look at my shots and tell me how I could change my settings, or how I needed to find a different lighting spot, or how I could have composed it differently. Just good solid critiques. I've been reading a lot and learning a lot about how everything in your shot needs to "deserve to be there". Wow. That's a hard concept to grasp.

7. Moving on. We have two play dates scheduled for today. One at our house and the other one at a friend's house. I'm exhausted already! It should make for a quick and easy bedtime tonight though!

8. Dylan will absolutely NOT let go of our hands or little fingers to walk on her own. She will cruise all over the house and yard with her hand clenched tightly around one, tiny finger, but the second you wiggle your finger as if you are going to make an adjustment, she drops to the floor. Back on all fours.

9. I almost forgot to update you on Piddlelina and Pupcake. They have been set free. So we are back to wanting a puppy. (honestly, I don't think Holland was really replacing the dog idea with some measly little rollie pollie bugs, it was just the novelty of them). I'll have to update the dog situation later.

10. I have a hair appointment in 20 minutes and I'm still in my pajamas so gotta run...

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Husband Is In Trouble

There are a few things that I feel very adamantly about NOT EVER buying either of our daughters. No matter how much begging, pleading, whining, screaming, negotiating, or crying occurs. I just won't budge. I don't know why I feel so strongly about them, but I do.

Most of the things that I don't want them to have are associated with characters or princesses. Don't get me wrong though - my girls have way more than their fair share of character and Disney princess paraphernalia. (books, toys, costumes, games, jewelry, movies, etc.) You name it - they probably have it. Except for the things on "my list".

That is until now....

Yep, Jonathan got suckered in by a big, sweet, "pretty please, daddy", and he immediately got weak in the knees, pulled out his wallet, and promptly forgot any discussion that we had previously had.

He is in BIG trouble. I think Holland may have known that I wouldn't have budged so she was testing out the waters to see if Jonathan would cave or not. Sure enough, he did.

So here's the list:

1. Character or Disney Princess Sheets, Pillows, Bedding and bedroom decor
2. Princess Sporting Equipment ( I ABSOLUTELY draw the line on this one)
3. Blinking Light Shoes (with or without characters or princesses)
4. Character or Princess t-shirts, jeans, or basically any attire (pajamas - okay)
5. Princess hair accessories (pony tail holders, barrettes, etc)

I do realize that the character clothing will creep up here and there from special aunts, grandmas, other relatives, and even friends,and that is totally okay because she absolutely adores them. It is fun to watch her delight in them, and I'm glad she gets the occassional opportunity to wear such things when given to her. I'm just not the one buying them!

So, which one do you think he came home with? Or which combination of things do you think he came home with, is more like it......

Place your bet in the comment section, and I will reveal the answer very soon!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Two New Pets

Holland is absolutely tickled with two, new "pets" that she now has. She found them in our backyard, and quickly put them in an appropriate container so she could keep them. She gave them each a name: "Diddle-Lina", and "Pupcake"!

"What are they?", you ask.

Roly Polies!

After a quick suggestion from mom, she put some dirt, leaves, and a flower (her own idea) into their new home so they would be comfortable.

And guess what? I know you won't even believe it, but they both can do tricks! They can each roll up into a tiny, little ball! How cute is that! I saw them do it countless times - (pretty much every time Holland tried to pick them up and show them off)!

And the best part of this whole story is that Holland told me, "I don't even need a dog now, Mommy!"

Here they are in their cozy, Tupperware home!
(click on picture to enlarge)

Midsummer Day's Dream

This is my last photo assignment for my online photography class. I was suppose to put together some sort of "photo essay" or a storyboard, of sorts. This isn't quite what I had in mind when I set out to complete my project, but this is what I ended up with. It definitely captures a day in the life of a four 1/2 year old!

Just one day in the life of - for the next day she might be a pirate.....