Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mommy Bedtime Playlist

Something I want to rememer....

Jonathan and I alternate girls each night during bedtime business. While I am putting one down, he is putting the other down. And then the next night, we switch. When it is my turn to put Dylan down, we have a little bedtime routine. I make her a bottle, grab her soft and cuddly blankie, and rock her in the rocking chair. While I am rocking her, I sing to her, and I have realized that I have a little "playlist" that I sing each time. I don't stray from it. It's the same songs in the same order, every time.

1. I love you, Dylan
2. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
3. Tell me Why
4. Great Big Star
5. ABC song
6. The Earth is Our Mother

By the time I get to the last song, she is pretty heavy lidded, and usually asleep. Occasionally, I will go back through my playlist a second time, but not very often.

Tonight was my turn with Dylan, and she didn't even make it all the way through the playlist because she was so incredibly tired! That may have been a first!

As far as my Holland routine goes, it is pretty much the same each time, too. She gets on pajamas, brushes her teeth, and picks out a book. We have been reading a variety of different chapter books to her, so if we are in the middle of a chapter book then that is the one she will pick. I will read her a chapter of our book, a fairytale from our fairytale anthology, or an all together different story book- whatever she is in the mood for on that particular night. After I read to her, I set the kitchen timer for a certain amount of minutes for "cuddles", then when the timer goes off, I leave her to venture into dream land on her own. I usually tell her to have "sweet dreams", and then I also tell her "night-night sleep tight, don't let the bed-bugs bite". In which one of us will continue it by saying, "don't YOU let them bite" and then we act like we are taking a big bite out of each other (complete with bed bug bite sound effects).

Then we laugh hysterically.

A great way to end the day! : )

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