Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Perfect Birthday - the Long Version

Woke up - Holland wanted to give me Birthday spankings right away
Went downstairs and had a flower shaped pancake with a candle in it waiting for me
Holland helped me blow out the candle
Checked my email and had a ton of Facebook birthday messages
Got a birthday phone call from my mom
Went the the Davenport Hotel (a very old and famous (refurbished) hotel in Spokane)
Valet Parked
Got myself a Chai Tea
Went downstairs to the Spa Paradiso
Had my hair colored and styled
Waited in the "Serenity Room", sat next to the fire with a glass of cucumber water
Flipped through a magazine
My Estetetician came and got me for my eyebrow wax
Relaxed on a massage type table as she waxed my eyebrows
Left the Spa as I had over an hour to wait for my massage
Walked to River Park Square
Tried on a couple of shirts and bought them
Scheduled a make-up application at Nordstrom
Walked back to the Davenport
Sat at the bar at the beautiful Peacock Lounge
Ordered a Mojito and Cougar Gold Cheese Dip
Answered and received a couple of birthday text messages from two of my girlfriends
Went back to the Spa Paradiso for my massage
Changed into my plush robe and slippers
Went back into the "Serenity Room"
Made a cup of peppermint hot tea
Read an article or two in a magazine
Was escorted to my Massage room
Candles, Enya playing, Aromatherapy, Lavender Massage Lotion
Fell into a deep state of complete and utter relaxation
Walked back into the ladie's lounge and got dressed
Retrieved my car from the Valet
Drove back to River Park Square
Had my make-up done by a wonderful make-up gal
Looked at my self in the mirror - smiled!
Drove home
Opened up cards and presents
Holland bought me 3 pieces of jewelry from Claire's
Tried on my new earrings
Checked my email and once again had a ton of birthday messages on Facebook
Had Jonathan shoot a mini photo shoot with me and the girls
Got Dressed for my date with Jonathan
Went the the Gonzaga/Portland game (Zags won!)
Drove to the Melting Pot Fondue Restaurant
Sat at the bar with Jonathan and had a cocktail
We were escorted to our table
A Rose was waiting for me in a vase
Ordered some wine
Ordered our fondue courses
Drank some wine
Cooked our fondue courses
Got too full for chocolate fondue
Corked up the rest of our wine
Drove home
Listened to a couple of birthday phone messages
Checked my email and had more facebook birthday messages
Thanked Jonathan for a wonderful day
Retreated to bed

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