Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gratitude Journal

We started a new nightly ritual to add to our bedtime routine - it's writing in a journal. As a family, we are going to focus on gratitude and document those things that we are thankful for. I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately with the accumulation of *stuff*, and realizing that Holland doesn't really know how fortunate she is. I have been talking to her a little bit lately about children who don't have things and who are in need of clothes, food, housing, etc. She recently helped me go through some of her toys so that we could donate them to less fortunate families. She was okay with this process as long as we didn't give away any of her "new toys"!

During Christmas, we went to a giving tree and picked a little girl about her same age with similiar interests. It was a neat learning experience for her. She picked out presents that she really wanted and wasn't even getting for Christmas. I was very proud of her.

So in trying to maintain this learning that has been started, I am hoping we can carry through with this new habit. I am excited about doing it together as a family as it will ensure that we ALL slow down and reflect on life and our many blessings.

Tonight's entry went something like this:

Jonathan/Daddy: " I was thankful for the sunshine today."

Holland: "I am thankful for my toys. I am thankful for everything I have."

Jonathan/Daddy: "I am thankful that Holland helped Dylan take a bath tonight."

Ashley/Mommy: "I am thankful that daddy took Dylan for a while today so I could do some housework."

Jonathan/Daddy: "I am thankful for our fish and their new fishtank."

Holland: "I am thankful for you, mommy." (accompanied with a kiss)

"I am thankful for Daddy, and I am thankful for Dylan, and I am thankful for me!"

Mommy: "Yeah, me too. I am thankful for our family."

Holland: "I am thankful for all the princesses at disneyland!"

"I am thankful for everyone in the whole wide world, even grandma and grandpa.

"I am thankful for everyone in the whole wide world, even the animals.

I am thankful for bears, jaguars, cheetahs, and snakes."

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