Monday, January 28, 2008

Miscellaneous Monday

1.We are having a snow day today along with the rest of Spokane! The university is even closed so Jonathan gets to stay home with us, too! We have at least 14-16 inches of snow and we are suppose to get about a foot more by the weekend. That's
A LOT O' SNOW! (I'll post some pictures later!)
2. I have been waiting and waiting for Dylan to get some teeth, and this morning I can see the little white ridge! The gum is actually pierced so I'll soon be saying, bye-bye to those priceless,gummy grins.
3. I am really enjoying my flickr account. There are all sorts of photo contests, technique discussions, groups to join, etc. People can leave comments on your photos so that has been very fun and encouraging. I am such a photographer wannabe!
4. I am down about 5 pounds since joining the Y. Yippee! (many more to go)
5. Four-year-olds love to call you nonsensical names. We have been in a phase now for a while that all of Holland's names end in "eyeball" and this is the ultimate of joke insults! "you're a juice eyeball", "you're a doggy eyeball", "you're a light bulb eyeball" and these are followed by belly wrenching laughs and drop to the floor chuckles! But the mother of all joke insults is when she says (which she isn't really allowed to), "you're a poopy eyeball". I think the "eyeball" thing started at school and then it finds it way into the car, and then the home, and then where ever else she can pull it off. Yesterday, she turned the corner and came up with her own original joke insult...... "you're a toenail voice". Gotta give her credit for originality and creativity!
6. I don't think I told anyone yet that I got bangs! I was needing a change, feeling very frumpy, and it was the week of my birthday. That's always reason to change your look.
7. Baby food is expensive! Dylan is eating about 4-5 containers a day and they are about $1 a piece. That's $150 a month just for her! I should be making her food like I did with Holland, but I just haven't gotten around to it, yet!
8. Jonathan has a birthday coming up - not sure what to get him. Any ideas?
9. We have our 10 year dating anniversary coming up, too. I was headed for the peace corps and Jonathan was heading to a monastery.... and then we met. (another story for another day).
10. We are off to play in the snow.

Happy Monday!

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