Monday, February 11, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. It's official - I am trading in my "miscellaneous monday" for "ten on tuesday". I am joining the rest of the blog world, and throwing in the towel for coming up with my own cute, little illiterated title!

2. I am still in shock, but I didn't even buy Jonathan a birthday card this year. This is NOT normal. There was a time in life that I should have owned stock in the cheesy,sappy hallmark card company, but Jonathan has definitely mellowed me out in that regard. Anyway, I'm not sure what this is all about except that I was really, really busy leading up to his birthday, and I thought I had more time than I actually did. He is always telling me that he doesn't want anything for his birthday, and that he actually wants stuff taken away! I didn't go as far as taking stuff away, but I didn't give him any sort of gift on his actual birthday or even a card. I am feeling VERY guilty and will probably overdo the Valentine's thing!

3. Our laptop totally crashed the other day. There is a possibility that we will loose everything. I have heard of his horror story scenario, but never dreamt it could be a reality. I have been terrible about backing up pictures, and I haven't backed up hardly any since WAY before Dylan was born - probably a year's worth. I shutter at the thought so I'm not even going to think the thought! We should know in the next couple of days. Cross your fingers that the GEEK SQUAD knows what they are doing!

4. My mom is coming to visit this week. We haven't seen her since Thanksgiving. She has Christmas, Birthday, and Valentine's gifts to exchange. Oh No! More Excess.....

5.The great snow melt off has begun. We came home to a slightly flooded basement last night. No Fun. Especially considering we have a couple more feet of meltage to go.

6. Holland has entered a new phase of bedtime stories. We have started reading chapter books to her. I am so excited about re-reading some of my old favorites. We recently read the first three Box Car Children Books, and we are currently reading this. Next up will be this or this or even this. Do you have a favorite children's chapter book? Please share if you do because I will be looking for new ideas.

7.Holland and I are going to make a heart shaped cake today and some home made Valentine cards. She LOVES to cook and also LOVES to do art! Maybe we can squeeze it in during Dylan's naptime....

8. Dylan just pulled herself up to the standing position for the first time while I was making this list. I'm so not ready for that! Wasn't she just born?

9. I dropped a couple more pounds - yippee!

10. Jonathan and I decided to take on disciplines this year for Lent rather than giving anything up. We are taking on weight watchers and also taking on the commitment of working out at least 4 times a week. However, one could look at it as giving up eating whatever the heck I want, and also giving up a couple more pant sizes! (I hope)

Happy Tuesday, my dear bloggy buddies!


Anonymous said...

The Bobbsey Twins. always one of my favorites when I was a kid. You and your sisters read some of them, but not as much as I did.

Anonymous said...

The Thornton Burgess animal series.
Here's a link telling about T.B.:

Anonymous said...

The previous comment was from Ursumagrandma.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Little House on The Prairie set of books

alana lautensleger said...

i remember dad reading james and the giant peach to me when i was around holland´s age. he had a different voice for every insect. i LOVED it.

Kelli said...

I LOVE books!! I love all of your choices. I also always loved Charlottes Web. I still have it and the Secret Garden and the Trumpet of the Swan...oh Sam's so not there yet, but maybe I'll have to read them to mee! ;-) We'll have to see you soon!