Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who Am I?

I have been saying the following things lately....

"Oh brother!"

"Goodness gracious sakes alive!"

"For crying out loud..."

Any thoughts on what this means? Do I need to get out more? Am I just getting that old? Have I totally lost it? Is there any chance of being helped?

I feel like such a dork each time I say any of these things, but they just keep rolling off my tongue. And now they are rolling off Holland's tongue,too.

"Bless her little heart, poor thing!"


mary said...

you are too funny, that's who you are. I'll email you in the morning and fill you in on the happenings around here. I will also be overnighting some brochures to you tomorrow. Have a great night Ash!

Anonymous said...

Grits!!(girls raised in the South). That would be who you are, my daughter!! I love it! The phrases of the good old days are still alive and well!! Thank You!! I love you!!!!Mom

Kelli said...

Hey Ashley,
I love your new blog!! I check it often!! I would say those phrases are probably better than other things you could say ;-) Sam's starting to pick up on stuff too. I said "ah man" the other day and he threw out a Sam version "o ma" so funny!