Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. We went to Kennewick this last weekend so we could go on a date for our anniversary and have the grandparents keep the girls. We had a great evening. Dinner and wine tasting at an upscale winery, a movie, followed by a fun, little photo shoot in an old timey photo booth!
2. We went out again last night since it was the acutal day of our anniversary, however, we had both girls in tow. I don't think Jonathan and I said more than 5 words to each other. No romance there.
3. I forgot to report that a couple of weeks ago while waiting in the lobby of my hair salon (spa paradiso which is in the uppity Davenport Hotel), I made eye contact and got a big smile from this guy as he was pulling up his hood on his black hoodie as he was departing. I think he was trying to be incognito, but that smile would be recognizable anywhere! What a smile it was!
4. Jonathan and I both are actively training for our bloomsday race. I think he is on target to zip right past me leaving me in the dust. Not feeling too happy about this - I am attributing it to his stride though. His legs are a lot longer than mine. That matters, right?
5. I'm missing Grey's Anatomy and House - does anyone know when they are suppose to resume?
6. Holland is very into wearing multiple hair accessories these days and also styling her own hair. She has a morning routine of "washing her hair, blow drying it, and then flat ironing it" (all with her pink and purple plastic electronics!). I'm just going with it! Why not? It's just another preschool girly phase that may not be around for too much longer, and besides I'm not too good at the hair thing so this takes the pressure off! : )
7. Our front and back yards are nothing but rotten, mushy grass. Too much snow for too long. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.
8. I'm trying to wait patiently for spring to officially arrive, but it is just about killing me. If I knew this meant that our summer and fall would be extended then maybe it wouldn't be soooo bad.
9. We are headed to Seattle next weekend. We won some ballet tickets at a charity auction so we are gonna make a long weekend out of it! Yippee!
10. I just heard a loud crashing sound of something falling to the ground followed by a quick, "Dylan did it Mommy, Dylan did it!". Sure enough - she did (this time, anyway).

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

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Jill said...

wow you saw Cuba Gooding Jr! How awesome is that! I can just imagine it based on your writing! lol
I don't know when House comes on again, sorry! My dashboard on my MAC says "TBA" for House!