Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Speaking of Ten.

I have read a few of these "speaking of ten" posts on various blogs recently, and thought they were so clever so I am going to attempt it. Not sure if I will do it justice, but oh well.....

1. I overheard Holland talking to Jonathan yesterday as he was getting ready for work in the bathroom. She told him, "I think you look nice with your whiskers, Daddy."

2. Speaking of whiskers, Dylan also likes Daddy's whiskers. She loves to give kisses and she especially loves the prickly tickles from daddy's goatee and five o'clock shadow. She will open her up mouth (oh-so-wide) on his prickly cheek, scrunch up her nose, and giggle. And then go in for a second kiss and a third - scrunching and giggling the whole time.

3. Speaking of going in for a second and third kiss, my dear friend, Chanda, got married this weekend, and there were lots of second and third kisses! You should have seen the "you-may-now-kiss-the-bride-kiss"! I think there may have actually been a fourth, fifth, and sixth kiss on that one! It was such a wonderful celebration of two people so much in love. So refreshing!

4. Speaking of refreshing, I need to decide what refreshments I am going to serve at Dylan's first birthday party (yep, it's already her first, pretty unbelievable, huh?). Anyway, I have a tradition on Holland's birthday parties, I always serve whatever her current favorites foods or snacks are. This has lent itself to some pretty hodge podged culinary combinations, as you can probably imagine. As of right now, Dylan's favorites are grapes, pears, tangerines, rice cakes, macandcheese, and oatmeal with bananas. Hmmmm. Not sure what I will come up with. She hasn't shown much interest in any meats, yet. Although, she did devour a turkey sausage breakfast link this morning.

5. Speaking of turkey sausage breakfast links, I noticed last night that the package we had in our fridge expired yesterday which meant I had to cook the whole package this morning. I hate it when that happens.

6. Speaking of hating things when they happen, Holland is continuing to try out the word "hate" and uses it in the contexts of things that are happening. For instance, she will say, "I really hate it when you wash my hair, Mommy", or "I really hate it when Dylan pulls my hair". (Etc). She is not suppose to say "hate" at all, but she continues to push the envelope.

7. Speaking of pushing the envelope, I pushed a whole stack of envelopes in the mail box at the post office the other day. The envelopes contained Dylan's first birthday party invitations. They turned out so cute. They are the first paper-craft-scrapbooky-type thing that I have made in a LONG time. I am really missing the scrapping thing, but I just can't get myself organized enough to get back into the groove. I have acquired too much stuff, and now I am overwhelmed with what to do with it all and how to best set up a system. One day soon...... (I hope).

8. Speaking of acquiring too much stuff, I have asked that family and friends NOT bring gifts to Dylan's party, but instead make a donation to the Isaac Foundation in her honor. She really doesn't need anything right now. She has a ton of toys, a ton of clothes, a ton of teething objects, a ton of stuffies, a ton of everything! I figure that these first two years are really just for the adults anyway, and as long as she gets to dive into (and devour) her very own yummy, frosty cake then she will be delighted on her special day!

9. Speaking of being delighted on special days, I have a whole host of nieces and special days coming up. Two of my nieces, Gabrielle and Nicole, are graduating from high school. Another niece, Alana, is turning twenty-one, and another niece, Anna, is preparing to have a baby. So, congratulations to all of you and your special days. I am so proud of all of you, and I love you all very much! : ) I better stop with that or I might get pretty sappy.

10. Speaking of being sappy, I thought I had been mellowing out lately and my extreme sappiness had significantly decreased, but that's just not the case. I got sappy when I saw my friend in her wedding slip the other day. Yep, that's right, her slip - not even her dress - her slip! I also got sappy when I saw the opening scene from High School Musical for the first time (the scene were Troy and Gabriella sing their first karaoke song). I also got sappy when I realized that mine and Dylan's nursing days are pretty much over. And a couple of weeks ago, I got sappy when I arrived at my first bloomsday race and there were thousands and thousands of people around with beach balls, costumes, and wigs, all waiting to participate in this fun, wonderful, family event that was happening for the 32 or 33 time! . I got sappy for Spokane. I even got sappy the other day when Holland's music teacher from school hosted a family concert and at the end of the concert, she started singing the "goodbye song".

Sappy. Sappy. Sappy.

Anyway, those are just a few of my recent sappy moments......not sure why I thought they were subsiding. Doubt they ever will.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

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Anonymous said...

THANKS ASHLEY!! I'm really looking forward to seeing you all soon, maybe on Father's day weekend? (my mom said) Love you guys!