Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things to Pack

I have spent the last day 1/2 packing my bag for my little adventure that I am about to embark upon. I seriously had no idea what I needed so I have been making a list over the last week or so. Here's a glance as to what all needs to fit into my bag:

*running shoes (complete with flower embellishments for my costume leg)
*2-3 pairs of extra socks
*2 short sleeved running shirts
*1 long sleeved running shirt
* sports bra type running shirt
*2 pairs of running shorts and 1 pair of running pants
*extra "underroos" (as our race director put it in a mass email)
*a little running pouch for carrying my cell phone for my whee hours of the morning leg
*sports watch
*Ipod to listen to during my down time
*reading material (people magazine - brad/angelina family photo shoot! , a novel, catalogs)
*heed enhancement powder, gel, and recoverlite drink
*trail mix, bananas, granola bars, other misc. snacks
*car/travel games to play for when our van is "off" duty
*pillow, blanket, towel
*small grooming kit in case we stop and take a shower
*breath mints and gum, toothpaste and toothbrush
*car cell phone charger
*costume - flower petal tutu, head wreath, fairy wings, fairy flower tattoo, etc
*water bottle
*printed directions for each of my legs so I don't get lost (especially in rural Idaho farm land)
*extra comfy clothes for when I'm not running
*pictures of my girls (and probably Jonathan, too!)
*trash bags (because that's what I signed up to bring!)
*race manual

and lastly, I can't forget: energy, lots and lots of energy!

I think that about covers it. I might need a slightly larger bag though!

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