Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September 16, 1998

10 years ago today, Jonathan asked me to marry him.

And, what I am about to share with you is shocking!

Mr. Romantic, Mr. Writer/Poet/Painter, Mr. Renaissance man proposed to me in a very unique way!

No, it was not with a sky writer while strolling on the beach hand in hand at sunset.

Nope, not over the scoreboard at a Mariners baseball game.

Not a hot air balloon while sipping wine and savoring the view of the gorgeous country side.

No. No. No. He didn't write me a lovely poem or paint me a gorgeous piece of art.

On top of the Eiffel tower? Not even close. The Space Needle? Not there either.

It was pretty plain and simple.

No fire. No wine. No candles. No cuddles.

No profession of his endearing love for me.

It was .......... over the phone.

Yep. that's what I said - the phone.

And, furthermore, he first proposed "hypothetically".

Can you believe it?

Shocking, I know.

Absolutely, incredibly SHOCKING.

And you know what the best part of it was? I didn't think a thing about all of those crazy fairytale ideas that I had fantasized about for so long.

All I could think about was Yes! Yes! Yes! Absolutely without a doubt, Yes!

Happy Proposal Day, Babe! Thanks for asking!

I love you!


Anonymous said...

Ash, I was looking for your new blog and I found it posted here-totally amazing! I hope to book a session with a totally awesome new photographer when you come to Chattavegas (make sure you bring your 20 lbs thinner lens). Happy Anniversary! It's lucky 13 for Neal and I

Jonathan Potter said...

Thank you for the best (and least hypothetical) decade of my life, Darling. I love you!

AGW said...

that's cute :)

Jonathan Potter said...

Ten years ago yesterday, I called up Ashley on the phone from my apartment in Lynnwood and in the course of a nonchalant meandering conversation mentioned offhand that I wondered, hypothetically, if she'd marry me. She hypothesized back that she in point of fact would. The next day we met for a rushed lunch at Azteca on Northgate Way in Seattle and for about twenty minutes neither of us mentioned the hypothetical engagement. When the subject finally came up, we both agreed that it was no longer hypothetical. I stuck my elbow in the refried beans while kissing her. "Well let's tell the world!" I think I said something like that. At any rate we did and the word spread and many plans were hatched. Thanks for having a little faith in me, darling. Thanks for a decade more fabulous than I could have ever imagined and this love that somehow keeps accruing and increasing and weaving an ever more intricate and beautiful weave across the fabric of our life together. Lord, have mercy!