Saturday, November 29, 2008

At Just Five Years Old, She Has......

been to 12 states
ridden on a camel, an elephant, and a pony
fed a pelican, lamas, goats, horses, and chickens
built sandcastles on numerous beaches
counted the rings on a tree
made a fairy garden
watched a meteor shower
watched butterflies emerge from their cocoons
ridden in a convertible
sailed on a catamaran along the Na Pali coast
seen belugas, orcas, humpbacks, and dolphins
flown on an airplane multiple times
flown in a helicopter over a canyon in Hawaii
been to Disneyland 3 times
seen the Grand Coulee Dam
been to the top of the Space Needle
become a big sister
scored her first goals in soccer
performed on stage at her ballet recital
learned how to play a few notes on the piano
played around with harmonicas, recorders, guitars, and drums
become a dog owner
flown a kite on the beach
ridden on a ferry boat
screamed on a roller coaster
spent the night in a monastery
dressed up as a bunny, a purple dinosaur, a puppy, Belle, & Padme Amadelia
sang a solo at a music class program
been to an impressionist exhibit
written a few poems
illustrated and authored numerous books
ridden the conch train in Key West, Florida
ridden in a limousine
composed a few songs
learned some Spanish
begun learning to swim
attended numerous live theatre productions
seen a Broadway production of The Lion King (in Spokane)
splashed in a waterfall
hiked on a mountain
camped out
gone sledding
caught several fish
ran a few children's 50 yard dashes


AGW said...

That's a little ridiculous. I'm about to be 19 and I haven't done half those things. In fact, my dad, who is almost 50, hasn't done half of those things.

Anonymous said...

wow,thats amazing!

Ashley said...

Yes, it is a bit ridiculous - that's kinda why I posted it! : )

At least I stopped when I did.....

Anonymous said...

What great experiences-- for Holland and the parents! I had my first plane ride when I was 28-- Spokane to Seattle. Was only in WA and ID until I was 18 (then only to Oregon)-- wow! Some differences-- I owned my own horse at age 8, a BB gun at 5, a real rifle at 7, and my crazy list could go on and on too--
What a great kid with great parents.