Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dylan's Baby

Dylan has found a constant companion - her sister's baby doll, Annabelle. The only problem is that Annabelle isn't much smaller than Dylan so she is pretty heavy to lug around! She has a pacifier and bottle that she will latch onto and make sucking noises, and she will also coo, cry, and giggle. I think this means her head is full of hardware which makes her much heavier than the average baby doll.

Dylan often wrestles with her and gets easily frustrated, but she just keeps at it! She wants to love her, feed her, groom her, and cuddle with her. She wants her at the dinner table, in the car, and often times will take her into her crib with her.

It is all very, very sweet.

(Until the pacifier pops out and Dylan can't get it back in, or until Dylan drops baby Annabelle on her toe and screams for 10 minutes, or until (last but not least)Holland suddenly decides after two years that she is interested in babies again!)

Oh yeah - for those of you following the penny story - it has been retrieved!


AGW said...

I cannot believe how different she looks with that long hair! It's like looking at a different child!

And you know what that means? You guys need to get your butts down to visit me, because it has been too long since I have seen all of you!

Anonymous said...

When we were taking care of the kids and Dylan was so sick with the bad ears and tummy, she still wanted to take care of Annebelle. Once when Dylan finally settled down after I walked the floor for a couple of hours with her, she wanted me to pick up Annebelle and walk her! For not talking much, she can sure get her message across. What a sweetie!

Ursula said...

And one night when I couldn't get Dylan to settle down, I finally grabbed Annabelle off the floor and put her in the crib with Dylan while continuing to rub Dylan's back---this was the magic moment---Dylan went to sleep. Later when I got up to check on Dylan, I noticed that the blanket which I had tucked around her was now neatly tucked around Annabelle.