Friday, December 12, 2008

5 more to go

I need to sell 5 more calendars for the contest to be valid! If you have read my comments, Michelle M's purchase doesn't count because it was the day before the contest! I'm trying to drum up MORE sales here, folks! Hurry and buy a calendar or get your friends to so I can proceed with the contest! Chasity? Jen F? EWU long time lurkers? Mary? Go now and leave a comment that you want one! : ) XXXOOO


Anonymous said...


I'd love to have one, and If you'd like you can put some in my moms store!! I think you should send one to Ali Edwards and she could advertise for you too. I'll support the Issac foundation any day over Autism Speaks, and I've given to them before. Great job.

Jen F.

Anonymous said...


I put out a call to all of my family members or should I say e-mail requests. I have an Aunt who wants 2, so with her 2 and my 1. Almost there. She is going to the ISACC link to buy them. I also send a request to Drew's teacher. I bet she'll get one too. Jen F.