Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's A Wonderful Laugh

I absolutely adore the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life", and I look forward to watching it every year. And every year, I cry and cry like I've never seen it before. This year I was hoping to watch it with Holland and take it down to her level. I wanted to tell her how we never know how many people's lives that we may be touching, and how important it is to live life wonderfully by being kind to others, and having good morals, etc., etc., etc. It was going to be such a special memory for me watching it with her for the first time! (that's kinda how my fairytale mentality gets me in trouble!).

So, it's Christmas evening, and we project the movie onto the wall above our fireplace. Holland immediately runs right over because she is a movie junkie and will watch anything and everything she has an opportunity to watch.

She notices right away that it isn't in color.

She says, "Mommy, is this whole movie grey?" "How do you even know if it is daytime or nighttime?"

She watches for another minute or so, and then she runs off. "I don't think I want to watch this movie, Mommy."

And just like that she's gone. She doesn't even try to sneak a peek the rest of the movie. (That has NEVER happened!).

I guess it will probably be a few more years before my special-family-fairytale-christmas-movie-night happens. And until that day comes, I will just enjoy the wonderful laugh!

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