Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ten for Daddy.

Today is Jonathan's birthday so I asked Holland to come up with things she wanted to say about her daddy, and this is what she came up with....

1. I like it when he lets me have chocolate chip cookies.
2. Daddy is letting me go to the "hotel dogs" with him today for his birthday.
3. He took me to Dutch Brothers yesterday after school.
4. I love to play hide and seek with Daddy.
5. I like it when me and Daddy go out into the flower patch in the summer time and sometimes pick flowers. (I mean the one at Manito Park).
6. I like it when me and Daddy watch TV together.
7. I think he is the greatest Dad in the whole wide world.
8. I want to tell people that my Daddy is greater than a flying eagle.
9. I want to remember that Daddy bought me a pet shop toy one day.
10. My Daddy is really great and he never kills anyone!

And she followed it up with this verbal message:

"I *heart* u".


Anonymous said...

Great restraint on #10!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jono! MiMi