Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Puttin' Her Style On

I haven't posted an ensemble post in a while or written about my struggle with letting Holland express herself with fashion and such, but this conversation brought it all flooding back, and was just too good to ignore.....

"Holland, go get your socks and shoes on, please"

"Mom, I don't want those socks and shoes, I want to put MY style on".

"Your style?" What's your style?"

"It's silver shoes and pink socks"

"And, um...."

"shiny necklaces" she quickly adds, as she's reaching into her top drawer to pull out some accessories to add to her ensemble".

"And blow dried hair" she says, as she does a little hair flip while catching her reflection in her mirror.

"Oh yeah, and polka dotted sunglasses" (the ones that caught her eye as she was closing the jewerly drawer!)

"And barretted hair"


"Okay, Holland I get the idea!" "Go get your silver shoes!"

And now you can get the idea.....


Anonymous said...

Blame it on the Potter genes! You have your hands full.

Mermaids of the Lake said...

That is just too cute and sweet. My baby girl is now 13 and she sure does have her own style. I am grateful, because I like it!

Ursula said...

I like her independent streak! Wonder where she gets that? (hint:both sides)

Anonymous said...

Holland, I like your style!! MiMi