Tuesday, March 3, 2009


1. Dylan is 21 months old today. If I do the math correctly, that means she is just 3 months away from being 2. How does that happen? I mean, seriously at this rate she will be starting kindergarten next week.

2. Dylan absolutely adores her big sister. She calls her "Holly", and she is always looking out for her. If she gets a snack, she gets one for "Holly". If she gets paper to "doll" on(Draw), she gets some for "Holly". If she gets "apuhdoo" (apple juice), she gets some for "Holly". If she gets her hair washed in the bathtub, she wants "Holly" to get her hair wet, too, and if Daddy is swinging her around or throwing her on the bed, she stops each turn and makes sure "Holly" gets a turn, too!

3. The other day, Grandma came to visit and she said something along the lines of, "I can tell you have been teaching Dylan more words, Holland. Every time I come to see you, she has more words". I chimed in and said, "Yeah, she's been teaching her words like P - O - O - P ", and Dylan got a big grin on her face and shouted "POOP!". She's a genius, I tell ya! Already spelling!

4. Dylan loves Pooh and Mickuh (Mickey).

5. Dylan enjoys drawing, just like Holland. If there is a paper and pen out, she is demanding to draw. Her favorite thing to draw is a snake. She scribbles a big, swirly line on the paper, and yells, "Mommy! nake! nake!"

6. She is starting to get very opinionated in the car about what music she wants to listen to. She will immediately protest each song with a loud, screeching squeal and full blown tantrum if it isn't too her liking. It just so happens that this is every single song, except one. She only wants to hear the "hello" song that they sing at her Music Together class in the toddler room. That's it. One song. Over and over and over again. I'm surprised Jonathan hasn't burned a CD with 15 tracks of "Hello" - that's something he would totally do! (and I wonder why I continue to be chopped liver when he's around!)

7. Dylan is just tall enough that her little head is at the same level of all of our tables. You know what that means - lots of head bonks.

8. Dylan's favorite things to do are: go to school, read books, dance with Holland, play with babies, stand at the sink and play with water, swing in daddy's arms, cuddle with grandpa, read books with grandma, talk on the phone with mimi, tease mommy when she's trying to steal kisses, refuse to say "carmen", eat snacks, play with bodie, put piggy tails in her hair and then pull them right back out, climb the stairs, splash in the bathtub, eat scooby doo push ups, try on every one's shoes, sneak into holland's room when she's not here, make art in the art studio, play with "maya" (jeremiah), and "rocky" (roxie), look out the window for ava and teagan, help mommy clean with "wipeys", turn the lights on and off, make us smile, keep us laughing, and steal our hearts. She especially lasts that last one!

9. Zucchini is one of her favorite foods.

10. Some of her nicknames are dilly mcgilly, dylan mcgillan, punkin poo, sweet pea, baby girl.....


AGW said...

I love that dress! (Or as Holland says/spells it, jress)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet kid-- Grandpa loves the hugs! She is really starting to remind me of her daddy when he was that age.

Ursula said...

She's a heart stealer, that's for sure!!

Anonymous said...

She looks like her Dad and her Aunt Jean in these pictures! I do see an Ashley look in there too. Dylan is precious and gorgeous, just like her big sister Holland!! MiMi

Anonymous said...

What a character. She is so Beautiful. Just like Holland and her mommy!


Katie said...

She is getting so big so fast! She and Holland look a lot alike, don't they? And how do you get such perfect poses from them??? ;)