Thursday, June 3, 2010

my june bug turns 3 and the return of ash mash, the blog

My oh my! Where in the world do I even begin? (I guess I unintentionally took a year off!) I have been thinking for the last few months that I would like to start the 'ole blog back up again, but it was sort of overwhelming to try and pick a random date. As the months and months without blogging stacked up, it seemed impossible to pick up where I left off so after giving it more thought, and letting more and more months stack up, I thought it would be appropriate to just literally pick up where I did leave off - Dylan's birthday. So without further ado....

Happy Birthday, my little june bug! And hello long lost blogging buddies!

Our birthday celebration started a little early this morning! Holland woke up at about 6:30 this morning, and ran over to Dylan's bed and jostled her around a bit telling her to "wake up" "wake up". Holland reported that Dylan kinda groaned, shouted "no", rolled over, and pulled the covers over her head. So then, Holland quickly and energetically reminded her that it was her birthday (she couldn't just let her fall back fast asleep, you know! After all, it was her sisterly duty to get her up and ready to celebrate).

Holland told us that Dylan just heard the word "birthday", kicked off the covers, and jumped eagerly out of the bed!

By this time it's about 6:4oish and I hear a set of pitter patters coming down the steps. Holland was dressed in her school uniform and Dylan was dressed in her birthday girl shirt and mixed matched pants that were sitting out on her bedroom floor. Holland quickly rushed Dylan into the kitchen to see the birthday presents and balloons that the birthday fairy had left, and I kinda rolled over, glanced at the clock, and wished this wasn't happening quite yet! I did somehow manage to get Dylan to come into the bed with me for some "birthday cuddles", but this only lasted until 6:52, and then the party got started!

All in all, it was a good birthday -

chocolate chip muffin top with candles, birthday song, zhu-zhu pet accessories from holland, new sandbox toys, new gardening tools, a Diego DVD, balloons all over the place, birthday tutu, a ribbon to follow all through the house to unveil the beautiful new dollhouse filled with furniture, mini bday photo shoot, a mobius "hungry caterpillar" reading and art activity, lunch at dylan's favorite restaurant with grandma & grandpa (the noodle express), more presents (webkinz pelican, bird stuffie, a lemur stuffie, a new baby doll, and some bday cash), back home for some sandbox playtime, out to fishtrap lake to try out the new swing set grandpa built, cookies and ice cream with more candles for dinner, walk to the lake, playtime in grandpa's boat, back home again, bedtime reading of excerpts from bedrest boutique, a reading of last year's favorite book (brown bear, brown bear) followed by lots of birthday girl cuddles and snuggles.

I seriously can't believe my baby is three! I have been telling her jokingly for weeks that she needs to stop growing and that I am so sad that she is not a baby anymore. This is usually followed by a fake pouty lip and silly wail of a cry from me, in which she replies, "I can still be your baby". "I can always be your baby".

And then I say, "seriously?" "you can still be my baby even when you are a big girl?" and she says, "yes, I can still be your baby even when I'm a big girl!".

I then hug her repeatedly, squeeze her tight, swing her around, say "oh good! I'm so, so glad you are gonna be my baby", and then we both giggle with delight!

Those words have been music to my ears for months now, and they help soothe the sting of her growing up so fast. Unfortunately, tonight at bedtime, she was short and to the point when she broke it to me.....

"Mommy, I'm not your baby anymore because now I'm a big, big girl". (at least she waited until the end of the day to tell me!)

Apparently, I didn't listen close enough to our verbal agreement - it was only until she was a "big girl" and now that she's three, she's entered the "big, big girl" phase - so the deal is off.

she's not my baby anymore.....

(sniff sniff)


Ursula said...

Glad you are back to blogging.
I love it!

mimi said...

Im so glad you are back to blogging! I love it and have missed it! BTW you are still my baby! Arent you?

Rufus McCain said...

Nice job, darling, and nice timing. I'm glad you're starting it up again.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!