Tuesday, February 26, 2008


1. Dylan woke up screaming bloody murder last night, and now this morning her second little tooth has cut through her gums. I knew there had to be a reason!
2. I was chosen to be the "supermom" in the spotlight section of the national moms in motion newsletter! I think it has to do with me training for a 1/2 marathon only 10 weeks after Dylan was born and also after I was on complete bedrest for 5 months. And oh yeah, crossing the finish line probably has something to do with it, too! I guess I am sorta a supermom, huh?! Toot toot! (I will post a link when it is published).
3. Holland just said to me, "Mom, I really want spring to be here. It is too hard to wait". AMEN, sister!
4. Somehow, I lost my cell phone this last weekend, and I can't believe how debilitating it is. There was a time when our world functioned without them, wasn't there? I just don't remember what that looked like.
5. I start my bloomsday training next week. I am looking forward to getting back into a regular running schedule and also practicing each week with my team. I am really going to try and push myself for this race and complete it within a reasonable time frame. Wish me luck.
6. I do plan on finishing my "How I Got My Mommy Feathers Ruffled" story. I was sick this last weekend and my mom was also here to visit so I haven't had a big chunk of time to sit down and knock it out. I WILL though, I promise.
7. I went to buy a pair of pants the other day, and I have gone down another pant size! People are starting to comment on my weight loss.....such a refreshing feeling now that people are noticing!
8. In addition the moms in motion spotlight, I was notified by Parents magazine that they are interested in my contributing to an upcoming article. They found me through my bedrest blog. I think it will be a pretty small contribution, but it's publicity nonetheless! I had no idea I would have so much attention from my bedrest journey!
9. I'm falling down on my photography resolutions. I was going to try and take one a day, and also weekly self portraits. I changed my "one a day" to "almost one a day" and it is still hard to do. I think I better change my weekly self portraits to "monthly self portraits". I don't really want to abandon the ideas, I just need to get more disciplined about it.
10. It's time to get in the shower so I can get Holland to art class on time.

Wow! I just realized that 8 out of the 10 were about me!Yay, Ashley! : )

Have a good day!

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mary said...

YAY Ash! Everyone needs a little ME time!