Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mommy, Will You Put These On Your Blog?

I swear that girl (Holland, my four year old daughter) doesn't miss a beat! She doesn't even miss that I have a blog where I share funny stories and sweet pictures of her and Dylan. She drew these pictures for me yesterday, and then immediately asked me if I would put them on my blog. I'm so glad she didn't say, "Will you post them on your blog?". That would have really freaked me out! So here are my two wonderful pictures: the first one is "Belle and the clock" and the second one is "Belle and Lumiere" (the candlestick)!

Those are Beauty and Beast characters for those of you out of the disney loop!

belle and the clock

belle and lumiere


Anonymous said...

Holland, I love your pictures. Thank you forsharing them on the blog,so I can see them and show them to my friends! Belle, the clock and the luminere are all so beautiful!! You are a really good young artist!! Love MiMi

tracey clark said...

omg, my kids say the same thing! i love it!
and of course i recognized the characters! who wouldn't? ; )