Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ten at 10:00.

1. I entered a photo contest on the shutter sisters website and I received "honorable mention"! The theme was "messes" and there were different categories: outside messes in nature, messes in the kitchen, messy art projects, etc. I submitted an older picture of Holland playing in the mud. Click here to see the winners and my honorable mention - my flickr name is "happy girl lucky" and the photo submitted was titled "splatter".
2. Speaking of "happy girl lucky", I have been considering changing my blog name from ashmash to happy girl lucky. Any thoughts? Which one do you like best?
3. Two more days until I start my bloomsday training! I am looking forward to meeting back up with my moms in motion team. All of the moms were so encouraging and incredibly inspiring last year when I was training for the 1/2 marathon! They are such a great group of women athletes. I am aspiring to gain "athlete" status once again in my life (it has been way too long since I considered myself an athlete).
4. Tonight I was nursing Dylan and she got distracted by Holland so she popped off to see what her big sister was doing. Holland quickly reprimanded her and said, "Dylan, get back on that boob right now!".
5. I made a pear, brie, and prosciutto pizza for dinner tonight - YUMMO!
6. Dylan got her first official hair cut last week. No more pathetic, mohawk comb over! She was looking pretty silly so I just had to have it cut. Did you catch that? I HAD it cut. I actually took her into a beauty salon and paid them to make a couple of snips. That is one thing I will always refuse to do - cut my own kid's or husband's hair. Ridiculous? Yeah, maybe but I'm not budging on that one.
7. I was hoping for a few more comments on yesterday's post! I thought it would be a record breaking comments day for ashmash. Not so. However, it's not too late to share..... : )
8. Just needing a little reinforcement for keeping up the ole blog, that's all!
9. I am just about to get the spring cleaning urge. I LOVE spring cleaning (and our house SO, SO needs it!).
10. Gotta work tomorrow so I need to go set out my clothes! Does anyone else do that?

Night, Night!


Anonymous said...

i like Ash Mash

Anonymous said...

i like happy girl lucky. very cute. i also love spring cleaning - had a window washer to my house today and he cleaned the inside and outside and window sills. wow! I can see outside and pray my kids don't paste their hands on the clean windows for a few days. Enjoy your spring cleaning! It feels great!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Ash Mash. Sad to say, in this day and age, someone who may be surfing the net may have other things on their mind if they look at the title differently.

Anonymous said...

Please continue to blog.

I enjoy your writing and insights into life.

Holland and Dylan will have such wonderful childhood memories to look back upon.

Nice to see parents who let their kids....okay Holland for now, experience life making mud creations, cooking in her kitchen, just letting her explore and be a kid!

Ashley said...

response to anonymous commenter #3

I am glad that you brought that up about the name. I have had a couple of thoughts lately that it could potentially be a great porn star name! Jonathan came up with it and I thought and still do think that it is so cute, but we do live in a crazy world that could easily misinterpret it!

Ashley said...

response to anonymous commenter #4

I promise to keep blogging! I was just feeling a little frustrated at the lack of commenting! Just a whiney day, that's all! : )

Anonymous said...

I vote for Ash Mash - it's unique

Katie said...

Hello Ashley,
I found your blog from Jill's (Blessed With Two). Anyway, I just love how you write and your photos are amazing. But, I am another bedrest survivor and also SLP (for preschoolers). What a small world, huh? I'd love to link your blog to mine-- but only if that's okay with you! http://2-miracles.blogspot.com
As for your blog name-- I like Ash Mash.

Katie :)

Anonymous said...

I kind of like the new one-- but "Ash Mash" is pretty catchy too. The pic of Holland with the muddy splatters is great--don't think I've seen that one. Dad/Grandpa

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your honorable mention! The mud splatter picture is really cute, i dont remember seeing it before,Keep up the great photography,the blogging ( iread it first thing every morn)and being such a fun mom! Love your mom/mimi