Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This Week's "Ten"

1. We just spent four days at a Benedictine Monastery to celebrate Easter. This has been an annual tradition for us for the last 5 years with the exception of last year's hiatus due to bedrest. It is such a wonderful experience to partake in the liturgies of the hours (prayers through out the day), however this year I was on mommy duty so I wasn't able to participate as much as I would have liked to.

2. I managed to keep up my bloomsday training while out of town for a week. I love that I have rekindled my love for running, and that I am maintaining my discipline. Such a good feeling!

3. I am taking an online photography class from one of my favorite photographers starting in April. I am so excited! There are definite areas that I am wanting to improve in, and the class description hit on all of those areas! Can't wait to show off what I learn!

4. It's official - we are headed to Disneyland in June. We are taking my niece who is graduating from high school and who has never been! Jonathan and I are going to have to take turns hanging out in the princess la-la land while the other one actually rides some fun rides! Mary, are you still considering a birthday trip??!!

5. In the car the other night, Holland asked me, "Mommy, why did God make animals like grizzly bears when they can eat people?" (I passed that one right on the Jono!) Click here to read the rest of the commentary on Jonathan's blog.

6. I bought this soundtrack and this one, too. Love them both! If you haven't seen either of the movies, I highly recommend both of them.

7. It was rainy, cold, and very windy where we were on Easter so we didn't even get our Easter egg hunt done! I still have a bag full of stuffed Easter eggs for Holland and Dylan. I told Holland that the Easter bunny probably left them at our house since we were out of town, but then I forgot to hide them. Oops. Can we have a belated Easter egg hunt? Is that totally lame?!

8. Dylan is offended by baby food these days! All she wants is what's on our plates, and she protests anything that resembles baby food. Sometimes I can trick her if I use a grown-up spoon though!

9. This is kind of a boring "ten" post so I'm gonna stop at nine so I won't bore you further!

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Anonymous said...

Ashley - that wasn't boring to me. It is often interesting to read how other people's lives are so similar to our own. Keep writing -
you are an interesting and write very well.