Monday, September 22, 2008

Boden - 4 Months

37 pounds, and all caught up on his shots
he goes NUTS with plastic water bottles or two liter bottles
loves to steal something to chew on, and then run from us
sleeps inside every night
is outgrowing his night time crate
adores holland and dylan; he loves to chase and lick them
has learned to "sit" and "shake" on command
buried his new kong and we still haven't found it
he cleans the kitchen floor from all of dylan's drips and drops
takes daily walks with jonathan
has started to eat kleenex
(thanks to dylan feeding him one through the crate)
goes nuts when we drive up in the driveway
has broken our lock on the fence from jumping so hard into it
loves to dig and dig and dig
chases squirrels
loves to have his tummy rubbed/scratched
likes to ride in the car
loves to play tug of war
likes to fetch (but only a couple of fetches)
He's a pretty good dog, that Boden!


Cathy said...

He's so cute, Ashley!

Gracie went through a kleenex eating phase. We had to keep the bathroom doors closed for the longest time because she'd go in there and root through the garbage to find kleenex. So gross.

mary said...

He's huge Ash! What a sweet face though. Traeger recently "attempted" to get a hold of my Ugg boots. That was the end of unsupervised indoor play :) Next trip we will bring him for a doggy playdate. Oh,Koren was soo excited for his card from H. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds of a well loved Brodin!
Did not realize he was so big!
Best to you in finding his Kong!